Jane Simpson, President Trump, CBS discussed on America in the Morning


Of the legislation say, it's part of Beijing's push to integrate Hong Kong with the mainland. It could be a preview of next year's campaign. President Trump on the trail in Iowa taking a shot at Joe by sleepy Joe leafy Jones, he was someplace in Iowa today, and he said my name so many times if people couldn't stand it anymore. Democratic hopeful returning the jab and Davenport time and time again issue after issue Trump mix the wrong choices these motivated by the wrong things. CBS news has learned internal Trump campaign polling shows by ahead of the president and several States Mr Trump needs to win including Florida, North Carolina and era Zona. A new report says nursing homes aren't coming clean on aglet and abuse details. Live from CBS. Vicki Barker, government watchdogs, to some six. Thousand cases of possible neglect abuse serious enough to warrant a hospital. Visit go unreported each year. The inspectors found staffers, even state inspectors are often unclear on federal requirements to report and the elderly victims themselves can sometimes be too embarrassed, or to frighten to complain of abuse or neglect officials for Medicare and Medicaid services say they're already moving to improve oversight, Deborah. It was twenty five years ago. Today, CBS Steve Futterman from Los Angeles to people dead at the scene. Police would not say whether OJ Simpson was or was not a suspect, but five days later, we will fund, Mr Simpson. He fled leading to a slow speed. Chase watched by moon. People stopped as well ahead of Simpson was arrested seven months. Later came, what many of called the trial of the century Indian Jane Simpson, not guilty of them. There were still people who feel Simpson did it. And people who feel he did not a second suspect has been arrested in the Dominican Republic in connection with big Papi's shooting. Former Boston Red Sox star. David Ortiz says stake in his first step since.

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