Mayweather Mcgregor, Jimmy Fox, Jamie Fox discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 1: Mayweather/McGregor


One was quoted as saying our biggest fear is that someone could get really hurt the only thing that get hurt was your reputation mayweather mcgregor best ninety nine dollars i've ever spent has anyone ever done so much witting while losing then conor mcgregor smoothie king angel food smoothie heavenly if our bridles had a smoothie named after him it'd be called devil's food and it would be the smoothie that they serve in help those are the weekend observations libya his dating jimmy fox you want to the fight with jamie fox okay done liberal tarred mike how'd you feel that went was that okay for you know what do you think about it what do you think arguing tomorrow a little bit about what am i aware no no no not be no no not being smart i would i would not do that to my ties that i'm not being smart no sir i say than the most respectable way you'd and if you will show you coming out of the went but each two guides i'm sorry five upset you might thank you for being on when in upset me because of you sent me you would have known about these limits our show with this two god's on espn radio ghirma put on the poll does tom brady field guilt about slowly killing men and welker yes or no i wasn't expecting a laugh a good various it's a theory i haven't heard before and and i'm not certain ideas he's got no right he's got to know that.

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