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President Abraham Lincoln did not enjoy retirement. Richard Nixon did not enjoy impeachment. The population of China's one point four three nine billion. I segment the tale of Bill Challenges. Because it is the year of the comeback. I've decided to share with you this poem. I wrote the tale of bill charges. And it's very personal and emotional poem. It's about me also. I am a poet. Now this is a poetry podcast now. Please clap there. Once was a man named Bill Chagas one of the thickest thick boys among us he started out Ross became quite the house and did it without eating fungus for bill. He crush mad chips in Caso Margaritas. Martinez Galore at the end of the day. Much to everyone's dismay he was likely passed out on the floor. Bill Chung is gained thirty five pounds in his face. Body shape became that of a pair. And if not for his legs which never did snap. He might have resembled a bear. Or maybe a bit like Chris Farley. Which would have been gnarly for sure. Rest in peace to the goat. Where a mask if you vote by yourself. A PIMP coat made a for bill. Chung is fat. One was married though drunk in a loan and ashamed so he ate and he drank he drank and he ate and checked himself out of the game then along came a man named Ron Bowler who said Bill. Let me show you the way they lit up. Some Green Bill became a machine and the Booze. They threw it all away. Shit was looking up for RON BILL IN ROSS. Until things at their job fell apart and believe it or not things at home were not hot. He's still looked too much. Like Paul blurt but the Chongqing in Ron. They kept at it talking green in lieu of the drink so the pounds bill. He lost all the weight falling off. And Ron Bowler was the one to think so the Rosebowl in podcast was born billion. Ron Formed a company to this show. Goes proof with us in the booth all that stops you from changing. Is You from there the tail once again? It got sad as much as I hate to say for. Bill Ron and Ross would experience more loss in both friends and family. No more wife by his side. Many homeys they perished but the realist of real stuck around. And when Shit hit the Fan Ron and Russell had plans not to let bill sink back to the ground like a phoenix from the ashes are treated rise. Though down the path our friend bill he got lost never again to be seen in the world off left now is Ronald and Ross with faded tattoo on his left Ring Finger. They say he wanders the woods crushing. Pb and Jay's with Cheetos all day just generally up to no good Bill Chung is the man we once knew he is gone but his legacy always remains for he fought in he fell then he stood back again helping all to be strong through his pain so thus goes the tale of Bill. Chunks remember his story every day. There's a little of him in his all. Some might say his fat face lighting the way next segment your whole your Famous BUT WE STILL KID MED booty. Y'All just niche Roger. James is ever. It's.

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