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The solid. Verbal boys girls. My name is Tai Hildenbrand as you can tell from the title of this show. It is yet another installment of our only homers allowed series Homer glumness. It says no homers. We're loud to have one. So left out and today, we're pleased to welcome back to the show, Mr. Larry Williams from tiger illustrated dot com, we actually had Larry on the show way back when like six years ago to talk about Clemson, and it's been far too long. When we put the call out for folks, tell us who do you want to have on to represent your school? Larry Williams was the overwhelming favorite for the Clemson Tigers. So we're gonna get into all things Clemson from Trevor Lawrence to the obvious beast that is the Clemson defensive line. And also this state of affairs in college football, the rise of clips in really at the same time as the rise of Alabama and how it feels this year. Anyway, like the two programs are destined to meet in the national championship. So all that more Larry gave us so much insight. Appreciate everyone tuning in. Don't forget. We also have another only homers allowed episode Dan rea. Corded with our friend. Ryan Abraham to talk about the state of affairs at Southern Cal. So without further ado, ways, gentlemen, Larry Williams. All right. I am joined now by the foremost authority on Clemson football. He writes for tiger illustrated dot.

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