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An attempt to salvage the two thousand fifteen nuclear accord during a meeting of world powers in Iran representatives from your China and Russia nations the still committed to to the nuclear deal a meeting and wrongs representative in Vienna to discuss how to salvage the twenty fifteen packed the diplomats able to examine issues linked to the deals implementation off to Iran some pasta stockpile and in Richmond limits set out in the deal experts warn that high in Richmond and the growing stockpile narrow the one year windows phone would need to have enough material to make an atomic bomb something wrong denies it once but the deal prevented I'm Charles to this month Egon Bernal become first Colombian to win the tour de France says the three week race ended with the twenty first and final stage on the shawms Elise say earlier today twenty two year old the youngest tour winner in the post World War two era more townhall dot com a New York father who left his one year old twins in the car while he worked an eight hour shift only to find them dead told police she just blanked out the thirty nine year old sobbed as he pleaded not guilty to two counts each of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child he was released late Saturday on one hundred thousand dollars bail and due back in court August the first Janette Fennell as the president and founder of kids in cars dot org says they are pushing for the hot cars act which requires technology in all vehicles to help prevent this kind of tragedy we're asking for is a little technology can you imagine when he pulled up you know to work and was getting ready to park the car and got out he just got a little dean or a bus or that said there still a child left alone in the backseat more in the stories at town hall dot com I'm Rhonda Rashtra coming to the bay area.

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