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And even included male comedians spoofing bob marley on women leading drivers use this did in the backseat pulled back seat no longer this month saudi women learned the rules of the road from a former race car driver in a small number of women have already received driver's licenses as seen in this government for his video female drivers means more female workers saudi embassy spokesperson for team abortion driving was a very tangible barrier for women entering the workforce and to allowing women to drive is really a green light pun intended for women to kind of come into the workforce and commercially and economically contribute the effort spearheaded by thirty two year old crown prince mohammad bin salman in the last few years women have earned the right to vote and run for office in local elections and a ten movies and sports games part of a larger decision twenty thirty plan when we talk about vision twenty thirty and transforming the economy and and developing the society in a way that really pivots the country's trajectory it allows kind of normalizing women enter entering into the public space but critics say this seemingly modern us ally is stuck in the past and using women drivers as mohammed bin salman pr stopped to get western attention and investment says london school of economics professor madawi alrasheed he needs western capital and western expertise and therefore putting a soft beautiful face behind the wheel may just do it for him last month many of the very women whose activism made the change possible were arrested and accused of undermining saudi security part of a larger crackdown on muhammed someone's critics poets journalists intellectuals lawyers professionals almost an even his own cousins and and his own relatives and they had a taste of his repression and what's not changing this weekend saudi women still need a male guardian's permission to travel get married even open a bank account the society is still restrictive and still has no representative government to think that saudi arabia is going to be reform without political change is actually a myth it's not gonna happen women's rights are part of abundance off rights and these rights are political rights in response to her activism manal al sharif was jailed and labeled a prostitute but she's still working to change saudi society speaking up i've that because if i didn't speak up i would lose myself lifting the driving ban will provide saudi women unprecedented autonomy but activists say the road to freedom is still blocked for the pbs newshour i'm mixture from.

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