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You so much hope. And i'm glad you're okay and that you're helping your neighbors and this is going to make you. I don't know it sounds so clicheish but it's true. I think a better person to go through a near death experience and to be able to talk about it and try to help your neighbors or noble united nie-nieto paul neighbors helping neighbors. Gt pp gifted the people and we all have to learn a bigger lessons than just helping each other in the disasters although we do have to help each other in disasters but we need to learn not to pollute mother nature exactly. Climate change is real. Climate change is definitely real and apparently according to scientists can't stop it but we can mitigate it not as bad and also you have early warning that perhaps where you living might not be the place to be in the coming years. Yeah kind of right now so the facebook pretend yeah well. I'm so glad you're still with us. Chris chris of course is the susie award winner for most conoco activists five times exactly and has hung out with us and reported on things and sung for.

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