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Love this podcast, support this show through the ACOSS. Supportive HR. It's up to you. How much give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal. Ignition. SEQUENCE UH space nuts. Three To. Pablo. report it feels good. Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining us on this edition of the Space Nets podcast episode, two hundred and twelve all about astronomy and space science. My Name is Andrew Dunkley your host and with me again is professor Fred Watson Astronomer Lodge Hello Fred Good Good Day Andrew. How you? I, am well, sir, how you good thanks and the only say Good Morning Which? Might not be appropriate sometimes if people are listening to this podcast I do that's that's the thing about podcasting. People could be listening at any time on any days A. You've got to be a bit generic. Bet Your rum about you, hello. Generic. Hello from me. Fraught with danger specific. But. We'll manage I'm sure we'll manage now before we get into these these topics to today's topic, Fred we. We do WANNA mention that we've we've received a raft of questions. text and And we are going to weigh in the very. We haven't done this for a long time. We are going to in the near future. Do an entire episode dedicated to questions? So why if you've got a question? Want to throw at us in the next week or two Yes, please please send it through, and we'll try and add it to the mix with episode. Two one five will be all questions. All audience questions your chance to unravel the mysteries of the universe courtesy of frayed. Now today we got to talk about a launch that happened the other day. Actually watched this live although I must. Laugh a little at a network that showed it because to come. By. Didn't know what they were looking at. 'cause I would just in a TV studio, and the the host said to the supposed expert..

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