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Balkan detach leading to big choking hazards if you have one of these stop using it return of toysrus or babies are us for a full refund fun the company the toy company that just open their headquarters in everett a few weeks ago is getting ready to go public they file the paperwork today for an ipo they want to raise about one hundred million dollars fun come made more than twenty six point eight million in profit last year why now the thing is she could be the future of the army the trucks call the silent utility rover universal superstructure quite a mouthful so general motors is calling it serves for short it's a hydrogenpowered and selfdriving vehicles and it can sort of compressed hydrogen to drive four hundred miles well new emerge these are coming to your iphone as part of next week's ios update take a look apple's new batch will include more expressive smiley faces can't have enough of those mythical creatures and gender neutral options the tech giant has been stepping up efforts to include more diverse options recently as have other companies facebook released new family emojis earlier this year with a range of skin tells and family makeup's let's go live 19th safeco field may look the same from here but wait to see what's inside all of tag board they make an awful lot of progress pulling up the turf there manner said groundskeeper bob christoffersen tweeted a pick only the infield is still grasses you can see replacing the surface should just take a few weeks we stepped out about an hour ago can we all right around him back obviously this is a pretty dramatic change we haven't seen this for awhile and it will have an impact on your weekend so we'll talk about that first of all this show you where the rain is hanging out it's been offshore fern just hours now but seeing signs that this going to start to move on in and that's what we're going to be dealing with at times tomorrow more so the showers will return i know for many of you were on the coast that he has already happened but it does give you an idea of the direction here all right we're at fifty four degrees south wounded sixteen so winds actually getting a little bit better but boy was plus to read the.

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