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Street and have been way in one eighty three were seeing some major delays your next traffic report is at four fifteen I'm Patrick Vanda Hey with all sins on time traffic analyzer look at your kill BJ radar weather watch was staff meteorologist Bob Larson getting mighty drowsy around here it certainly is we have a new month it's the same old whether a hot and dry and stay that way about as far out as we can see mostly clear tonight seventy three sunshine of our ninety nine for the high. Tamara died of those sixty nine to seventy three sunny hot weather on Thursday high up to one hundred one at about the same on Friday from the weather center this is meteorologist five bars lugar bill reports partly cloudy skies ninety eight degrees now get Austin is on demand it is radio kale B. J. dot com. right up to your home and stick to your budget Los is here to help with liberty city throughout the store upgrade your prices and save up to forty percent off select by special because Sam some from the laundry. champagne finish was nineteen ninety eight and that was just thirteen ninety six ever fresher hope of fifteen dollars a gallon cans of forty five dollars a five gallon pails kilos gift card reading when you buy select interior and exterior painting stay this Labor Day do it right for less start with a low of about three nine four plants over Beltre nine eleven was only. news radio K. O. B. J. five ninety eight AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents Jeff warden clinic show. however two of our little show. there was a lot in two minutes there okay number one is you heard the report that Greg Abbott. we just were saying at the end of last segment he is stock with this commission quote to do something..

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