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Of the late Eric garner is calling for the officer they say killed him to be fired after Attorney General Barr block charges against him also our series of conversations with presidential candidates continues today New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker is trying to gain traction in a field of more than twenty we're still introducing ourselves we have barely over fifty percent name recognition but when people could hear my message we tend to pop and a visit to the national high school rodeo associations big event so to get here this is I mean ma'am he is my main goal of course my horse he's gotten he's I won the state championship on him coming up here now news is first live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying a vote on the nation's debt ceiling could be brought to the house floor next week but speaker Nancy Pelosi says before that happens Congress and the White House need to come to an agreement on the debt limit by Friday meanwhile by the majority of questions below sea face at her weekly briefing with reporters a majority of questions were about the fallout from president trump's recent racist tweet telling for Congress women of color to go back to where they came from even though they're all Americans here was below these responses were offended that he spoke in such a way that members of Congress that were offended that he says that about people across the country all the time go back where you came from and that it by its definition those words are racism while United in condemnation against trump below sea is struggling to keep house Democrats from further fragmenting over a renewed push to get president trump impeached and peers school you agree Salis says the Texas democratic sponsor of the measure want to see lawmakers vote on articles of impeachment tonight Texas democratic representative Al Green says the house chamber will consider his measure to introduce articles of impeachment against president trump this isn't the first time green try to force a vote on the issue in twenty seventeen however with the mix consensus on the issue green expects the democratically controlled chamber could move to stop further discussion or send the measure to committee consideration green says he will oppose both efforts Republicans are fervently against the move in the democratic caucus is a fully on board with the house vote on impeachment some democratic members are asking that impeachment be considered in regular order such as in a hearing before it reaches the house floor cloudy Seles NPR news Washington protests are planned in New York City later today to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Eric garner a black man who was killed during a confrontation with police when Hogan from member station W. N. Y. C. reports the demonstrations come a day after justice department officials announced they would not press charges against the New York City police officer who was involved five years ago Eric garner's final words captured on video became a rallying cry for protesters demanding greater police accountability across the country now on the anniversary of his death more protests are planned and now activists say they will begin eleven days of action acts of civil disobedience around the city beginning with one outside the home of New York City mayor bill de Blasio it's eleven days for the eleven times garner was captured on video saying she couldn't breeze activists and garner's family have one central demand fire officer Daniel Pantaleo the NYPD says it's a waiting a judge's recommendation before deciding whether or not to fire the officer for NPR news I'm going Hogan in New York the Dow is down more than fifty points to twenty seven thousand to eighty two this is NPR from KQED news I'm Brian what several cities in the South Bay saw real spikes in their homeless populations last winter according to new figures from Santa Clara counties point in time homeless count officials say homelessness in Silicon Valley continues to rise but the most dramatic increases are likely the result of under counts two years ago C. E. O. of destination home Jennifer loving says the figures are not surprising we know month over month every person that we're able to house every person except homelessness we're seeing two to three times as many people coming into our system loving says gentrification and rising rents are only getting worse in city should prioritize solutions like building extremely low income housing testimony is now finished in the month long trial of two men charged with thirty six counts of involuntary manslaughter in the twenty sixteen Oakland warehouse fire KQED is don Clyde reports final witnesses were called yesterday police officer Hector Chavez testified he tried to break up a rave in twenty fifteen contradicting testimony from master tenet durable mana that the pottery or raves didn't go on at the warehouse known as the ghost ship Chavez said the man answering the door at the warehouse that night was tenet Max Harris but Harris was called to the stand again and he said he was not the person in body camera footage shown to the jury prosecutors argue or mana and Heris illegally converted the.

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