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Right. There's lots of fancy takes on their beyond that, though, I will say this. There are a couple of people that I like to pay attention to in particular. There's a lot. I honestly very open minded to all of that. And I probably take in everybody, constantly listening, and reading, and fill material again you just. I learned to live it like that. That's just my life. And so a couple of guys that, that really stand out to me that I think that no Evan Silva. Love Evans selves, gray, his his weekly calms are awesome. Yeah. He does a great job really a big fan of his work, and a guy that's done it for a long time was a head of the John Hanson fantasy. Yeah. I think that he's sharpen and Evan Jonah. The two guys that I fall back on in addition to our people, but I really like what they do. I love it. You cited fantasy too because, you know, sometimes people think offense real football fantasy is opinionated and man today. Pay attention. And are they on top stuff? And it's just so useful. I mean when I mentioned when I first met, you I was doing the fantasy show and it's also so like for me I was nervous because I'm more of a football person than a fancy person. But it just whip all you pay attention different metrics. I love I love fantasy. And I just think that I love my. Job as it is. But when you get invested in like we've got a sixteen team league in the SPN league, which by the way you should petition. Seth Markman for a franchise go on the wait list that I'm no. You'd enjoy, like we just have Tedy Bruschi join a league this year. So it's, it's like more Scott teamed, Hasselback brothers have team. I've team Matthew berry has a teeny Riddick has team. Seth Markman has a team. He won the championship last year. I had, by the way, if I could break for a moment, although maybe more embarrassing than bragging. I had a team last year that went twelve and one what in the regular which I've never had happening. Did you pull the patriots and outscored everybody by a my team was I had a sixteen team league. I had devante atoms. Michael Thomas Tyler Boyd, how George kiddle kennel Andrew luck was my quarterback. My running back to Recode Lamar. Miller, I I'm just telling you for sixteen team league it was a really good team. And then we got to the second round of the playoffs. And I went up against it was defying bell and looked at the match ups and I'm like my my team. My guys got like the bear. They're going to get the bears defense and the Chad wars defense like just Tennessee and I'm going on and she's got like the bucket her running backs going against the buccaneers. And the giant Mike I'm doomed and I lost and I got knocked out in the semi, and it was crushing and that's fancy for. Is that in a year where my team was just great? It just it just got blown up in the postseason. Yeah, it happened. I've actually. Fantasy of I've never actually wanna fantasies a I've always, I've made it to the championship a bunch. But I'll tell you what I have not one are ESPN were league the sixteen team league. I've never wanted we have a basketball league that field Yates runs that I love and I'll just say this to you. If I could digress for a moment, I, we were playing in the basketball, I won the championship two years ago, and in this past year in late March early April whatever it was I was playing in the finals again. And I was going up against Eddie Merlet a producer, DSP and a great producer. And literally, it can't it's nine category. Have you ever played fancy basketball? I have never played it is fun. It is my God. I love it. Anyway. There are nine different categories that you have to win that your team goes up against and we were down in the final week to the single last category of the last game, any was field-goal percentage of our respective rosters and I was up by point three percent, which is a huge number going to the last day. He had lamarcus Aldridge. Go twenty thirty two from the field who takes thirty two shots..

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