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Kind of buried the dude in spring training my good buddy bill plachy said they need to send it down to the minor leagues for example like a lot of people are coming back around la bed you know this is the greatest player of all time he could be the greatest player of all time after we were ready to flush him in spring training but here's the only talking about shohei otani i think he's put to rest all those concerns about him in spring training when writers were wondering if he was going to be sent to the minor league privately from mike trout to bill yet or their general manager mike socia they're all saying look we believe in this guy's talent we think he's going to be fine moving forward and that's what we've seen as soon as season started he got settled in early to say that the concerns are put to rest right what are they this is first time through league don't we learn the deal the second time through league i mean it's the first time that a lot of these hitters are seeing him some of them saw spring training but some machines them for the first time now they were hitting him in spring training well he's hitting that helps right three homes or four games that bag that that is a bad is a big part now here's my question if if if if baseball k turn this thing into of manama non that makes us care what can they do what can they do and i want to be clear i am not one of those people this is nobody cares about baseball anymore that's not true people care about baseball on a local level like you go look at all the local television ratings for baseball they are very good the baseball people are happy with their attendants but it's not a national topic of conversation as it used to be.

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