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Afterwards immediately denise l. saito's post show twitch dot tv slash for w video during the show. Matt men. Watch along all of this. On youtube channel video that affordable you online dot com and then after denise is done with the free post show vinnie. And i and maybe craig will be doing a members only post show to dot tv slash for w video only for twitch homeys easy to sign up doing a post show after the pay per view ends as well and obviously a lot of talk about who the mystery person is going to be. That is going to debut on sunday. And i don't know i don't know who is going to be but i've heard a few things that we can talk about. Mostly i don't know if they're they're rumor killers but i can tell you some things about some things. So how's that for a teaser. We'll do that after the break. Also the possibility according to peter insider of a two nights and exte- takeover wednesday and thursday prior to wrestlemainia. Tell you about that as well. Because i have a little bit of information about that one. I don't know exactly what they're going to do. And quite frankly was only a month or so ago that i was told there isn't going to be any takeover over wrestlemania weekend so things change and i believe that whatever they're going to do is a direct result of the fact that they're moving to tuesdays.

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