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Because at that point you can't bring in like a specialist or tracker. This tract single movements of the six year old boy, you Ardy screwed up the scene but Brennan in that many people. And sometimes you'll see in cases of specially a younger child that they bring in tracker before they bring in search units. Right. That's interesting that you say that because you're exactly right, you would have. What did we say? Two hundred forty people just kind of destroying the scene, right, right. Comping all over the area on day three, Monday, June sixteenth, the trail and drainage searches continued an intensive grid search of Spence field was conducted several military helicopters arrived to assist the news media arrives on the scene, and we have forty special forces troops arrived to help as well. Two bloodhounds are brought in and they are used during day three again probably would be more helpful on day one or two because we have now two hundred and some sense that are get in the way of this dogs work. Yeah, after all that rain as well. And then we have the Red Cross that establishes a food service operation for searchers at cades cove. Now, the total number of people involved in day three was three hundred including personnel from the park, a local rescue squad, the Air National Guard. And as we said, forty special forces troops that brings us today four captain June seventeenth. Now, this is an interesting day because at this point we've had no sign of the little boy. However, at two thirty in the afternoon, a set of one shoe on and one shoe off prince are found at this time. So the shoeprint was possibly of an Oxford type shoe. What Dennis was last seen wearing now they followed for three hundred feet until they came to the edge of a branch that feeds eagle creek in North Carolina. Eagle creek feeds, Montana lake ten miles from Spencer field, even after three inches of rain having fell. These tracks were still intact in the mud investigators did not examine the shoeprint finding in detail because the area had already been searched. The footprints could have been overlooked by previous searchers, because it was mentioned repeatedly that there were no footprints all. All over from searchers. The person who found the print used a stick to measure its size in comparison to an adult print. It is noted that there were no small children involved in the search at the time. So what does this mean this a means when you teach out of the same measure? Well, what this does mean is that they can -cluded that it's a child's footprint right? That it's a small footprint. One shoe is on and one shoe his off, correct. And there are no children involved in the search. The weird thing though, like we just said is they did not investigate this finding because the area had already been searched and they found no prince. They believed that they found no prince when they originally searched this area. Yeah, that's strange. Seems like a misstep, their one hundred percent and the scary thing for me and this is you say the tracks are leading towards a river, they're leading towards water. Yes, yes. And then I'd wanna know how deep that water. Was and because if Dennis tried to cross this water, Dennis could drown in the water. Well, what we have here captain is we have several creeks that are flowing into this font Tana lake mur-, Fontana lake. So this lake is huge it. This is not a small body of water. This is a very large lake. So if if we have this heavy rainfall that occurs now we have the sweeping creeks and streams that have strong currents that are leading to this large body of water..

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