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This happened in the eighties, and so the equipment would be. Let's say the XFL would call Levy on bell right now. Right? Like you wanna play, realize like you're, you're not being paid by the Steelers. You are not under contract. Why don't we pay you an absurd amount of money. Now, wouldn't you say the NFL would suddenly go hold on a second, right, and try and so you, you can't blame the NFL for trying to destroy competition. I mean, the interesting one is hersal. Do you remember a lot of people don't realize he was. I con ick like Herschel Walker, come out of Georgia wasn't just the latest Heisman Trophy winner. He was larger than life and he was a junior and the NFL into juniors at that time. So he called he called the US Avello and said, I wanna come out of Georgia had a poor family rights Ville, George. I wanna come out and when they signed Herschel Walker, actually the Dallas Cowboys called her so walkers agent right before he signed with generals and said, we think we can get around the NFL thing. We don't want you go into the US l. and Herschel Walker says too late. I already agreed, but it was. It was a giant sort of grenade thrown to the NFL that they sign. Junior coming out of college because you do it at that time. So that was war. This war. Well, I just was going through my head as well. The XFL would not sign Levy on bell. You know why? Because he's, he's had an arrest. I right. It's been, you know, and they're and they're, they're not gonna. Take those people who have been at all of the law and put them in pads and helmets. It's gonna be the cleanly. This alliance is, you know, as they are lockstep with the NFL I think they want to be in in league with the NFL. I mean, Charlie Ebersol has been, you know, everyone in the NFL knows him through his dad for all those years, they got, they got polling and pull them all and others. Very right. Spur. I mean it so there, I think they would like to be in a way of minor league for flirting smart way to go. Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't you want to be in business with with the people who are, you know, the professional football, I guess. Industry Irish, think like it's smart for them to be able to see a quarterback in Omaha who signed by the forty Niners the US I would have fought that to the death to me the team Oma the best thing they can do issue oppress relief in releasing a press conference saying, you saw him here now you're gonna see him there. Absolutely. And also in the NFL with the practice schedules the way that they are and the off season the way that it is now scheduled where you can't get your hands on somebody to the middle of April with no your European league there, you need to get reps and and the number of coaches at say, they cannot develop skill position, players like quarterbacks anymore. There might be a need for the NFL to have another league Nygard spring, but they're not paying for. Yeah, right, right flavor. It's great. Great to have you here football for a buck, the crazy rise and crazier demise of the USFL Jeff Pearlman. That's just a slice of what is here in this book. Thanks for coming on. This is a lot of fun go by today. When we come back big. The NBA trade news that has gone down that's coming up football season is here and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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