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He'd be lecturing people about how women should behave he kind of is that already they just didn't have a name for it back then let's also maybe he'd become like kind of low grade karesh type figure he'd be all right as they got that far oh yeah dude militia second amendment right jim mr af i've ever heard it cousin mos with the machine guns he mows down lou lord a beet farm and proud boy's head h q one last stand against the oppressive bureau of land management because they're like the bundy ranch oh then they get sent a bunch of dildos dwight's getting upset about it yes dude those guys get upset about getting dildos in the mail is one of the funniest things like the bundy ranch scenario i know we're getting off topic could be like a funny sitcom totally it's a bunch of wacky people stuck in a funny situation yeah exactly get tim allen to play cliven bundy out totally exactly stop sending as dildos wrong so scully starts talking about this she got these autopsy results from this arm blood results whatever arm topsy armed tom welcome back to armed that was arm autopsy arm tops hosted by jonathan frakes tonight we have an arm so that turned out to be fake on the alien yeah do turned out to be a i was thinking about like maybe a wasn't like maybe they just said that because it was real you know what i'm saying all right dude throw us all off the scent that it's on netflix now did you rewatch it no oh man it's a barrister mr freaks are you talking about beyond belief factor fiction.

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