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John tweeted if to supplement industry relies on research why is it that they have disclaimers on each package saying there's not enough research on these products to substantiate the claims i'd like to here i think from both of you would steve when we start with you short the the disclaimer is actually required by law it was part of the bargain struck by the dietary supplement health and education act it requires the label to say that the claim has not been evaluated by the fda so that's what the message is intended to translate to consumers is that this whatever claim that you're making fda has not independently looked at your science on the efficacy of that product kind of a caveat emptor tour to consumers that's right dr lori but honestly just listen to how that even sounds i mean here here there's an admission right there on the label that there is in fact not necessarily any evidence behind the claim that's being made do we really want to marketplace fenner it it saying that the fbi has not reviewed them and you know i'm not going to leave it to your members to be able to decide what they think is a reasonable claim from my point of view i want to know that somebody whose objective here is actually looked at the data the weight may be dr mcteer and has looked at the randomized trials has actually decided that the products work in the way that would be the case if this were a drug because the problem is people make claims for products for which there actually are effective treatments i mean our innovation just exposed a number of companies marketing products for opioid withdrawal saying that they would help in this terrible epidemic that we have in this country no evidence whatsoever no no research whatsoever that even admitted it's not true that many of these have been research i mean the way these companies save money is they don't have to do recyclable away a second wait a second deep do you really think that if that became the requirement that researchers would come out of the woodwork to test everything but i as an athlete or cross fitter or a weightlifter orested average imra.

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