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Dating married We don't bicker it's called a discussion time you tend to defend our positions, with our own life experiences yes we discuss them bicker bickering but, isn't that part of every relationship or maybe just mine so check us out on WGN plus I tunes Google play overcast or wherever you get your podcast and the Dow's down fifty five points so, far today the s. and p. five hundred down. About, a half a, point the NASDAQ up up thirty seven so far, on the trading day settlement prices. At the board of, trade wheat closed up, five and a half cents a bushel corn, down? Six and a half cents and soy beans down seventeen and three quarter cents cattle. Prices, were higher but hog futures. Lower. At the Merck WGN sports White Sox. Hosting Kansas City tonight pre game at. Six thirty five Ed farmer Darren Jackson, of the first pitch at seven ten all right here, on seven. Twenty WGN cubs in Pittsburgh again in Pennsylvania this evening now look at traffic Violeta podrumedic thanks Steve traffic is sponsored by USA network we, have some Heavy, delays near grand. Park for lollapalooza setup that's. Not till tomorrow but street closures are already in effect Columbus. Drive, is blocked between Monroe and, Roosevelt Monroe is blocked from Columbus lakeshore drive then Balbo Jackson. An congress Parkway are all blocked. From Michigan to Columbus so expect some delays in that area might want to steer clear starting today and throughout the weekend, inbound Eisenhower is struggling as well there's an accident right past independence, boulevard that is blocking the two right lanes it is an hour five minutes now three ninety to the old post office here to commute has spiked because of that accident two right lanes blocked inbound, right pass independence just about thirty five minutes on. The, reverse trip inbound, Edens thirty two minutes from lake cook road to, the junction sixteen minutes back out. The Kennedys fifty minutes, over here to downtown, a half hour outbound outbound Stevenson is forty, minutes? Lakeshore drive to three fifty five half hour in and if you're on the Dan. Ryan, it's twenty five minutes in. Both. Directions between ninety fifth and the circle. From executive.

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