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Here on eleven ninety K E X, if you're not Niro radio you can always listen on the app free. Iheart. Radio at the Michael berry show, get it. Everybody buckle up. Fuck alot. Hello, everybody. Buckle up. Buckle up. Up. Everybody. Buckle up. A lot goes on in the car. But remember your in control stand firm only move when you hear the click that says, they're buckled in never give up until they buckle up. Learn more at safercar dot gov slash kidsbuckleup a message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. Five tacos, the cheese and a large. Ten dollars. Please drive around ten thousand west you're buzzed and driving have really had a few. I'm fine. What's Chaz last name? Chazz fleming. Jeff. Well, what a what a what a neat group of people to get to hang out.

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