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Someone Make sure you're there for job letting go because they will have heart palpitations left and right of Cape out of case around that can't happen. That's the news brief will come on back when we return on CBS Sports Radio. What's the future of Cam in New England? We'll take a deep dive into that first up with the latest to be a sports ready. Update. We get back. Sports Flash Dan. The Trade front with a deadline passing in just two reported deals, both minor and both involving the Dolphins, who reportedly sent receiver I say afford to the Patriots and acquired Runningback DeAndre Washington from the Chiefs of the Pats trading for a receiver for the second straight year. Last year, they got Mom. It's a new It didn't work out so well. The Packers air suddenly running back due to the Corona virus, A. J. Dylan tested positive yesterday. He's out Thursday against the Bills against the 40 Niners, rather, but also, Jamal Williams is out after being identified as a high risk contact. So that leaves the pack with just two healthy running backs. And Dexter Williams and Tyler Ervin have combined for a total of 15 career. Carrie's Karen Jones could be back. But he has missed the last two games camp injury, and right now his status is uncertain. The Ravens haven't reported any more positives but have as many as seven high risk contact who have twice late for five days. Among them is Matthew Judah, who, of course was ejected from Sunday's game for bumping an official Cowboys have issues a quarterback Andy Dalton, not only coming back from a concussion. Now he goes on the Koven 19 reserve list, and so they're going to have an open competition this week at practice, Broncos GM John Elway, the team CEO, Joel's both tested positive for the Corona virus and are staying away from the facility while the Bears have lost 2/5 of their offensive line. Jason Sprigs of their tackle is Wells Guard Germaine. If Eddie both going on the Koven 19 let Reserve list today and the count in the Wisconsin football program is now 27 15 players, 12 staffers their game against Purdue on Saturday. Has been cancelled. Hey, guys. D a coming.

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