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With your mother-in-law. To view all in a views, it was a nice RV`er, two, thousand nineteen Mercedes, or is it integral? Integral is that would've called? Technical Rv I. IF seven people you know man we were. We were to settle beat birth bernardinos rainforest. You know hiking out there. You know, went and saw some it. Look first of all I don't. I? Don't know many brothers that go hiking I did call it I loved it. I was away no cell service for a couple of days. It was good to be A. Good to be one with the earth and then went to San Diego camp land up there words by the beach. You know on the boats and everything. It was a good time. You should try some Co.. Yeah I've camped a couple times I I actually like hiking I'm a white guy, but just four daughters, a wife, a mother in long this is. Yes six women you listen. We love the women in our life, but even joyous smirking here. This is this is. Good for you. Good for me, calling us one of the reasons why? I can't wait to get back to the NBA season starting at that road again. We've had enough family time. I'll walk family top I love him, but those time for data good. All right, good senior by have a nice weekend. have an ice your week. Take care. Good stuff all right joy Taylor with the new. Turn on the news. This is the heard line news sponsored by Mercedes. Benz, the best or nothing. I liked I. I am not a camper, though yeah. I I'm I always had a theory on camping. Why pay a lower my quality of life? Well I think people like connect to earth and you know be out in the while I do too, but I liked bathrooms. Yeah, no, I'm with you I. I get what people want to do that. Yeah, I just don't have any desire to summer camp and stuff when I. But. It was still like cabins. I'm allergic to everything green also, so that's I worked in a state park as a kid. You have to clean bathrooms and a state park as a kid. Camping's not the lure of camping at.

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