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Life. You'll get more opportunities for more of that joy so if you're feeling lost right now that's what I encourage you to do right down where you feel joy and then do that. Make time for it prioritize it even if you feel like you have no extra time because you have a life that is like busy and tough and you're I'm trying to make ends meet make it a priority to put that joy in your life because you have to have joy in your life that is to me. That is one of the key things in this life. We have to figure out a way to have Choi. So that's my Encouragement if you're flying lost right now and if you feel unworthy or if you feel oh like nothing's ever GonNa work out for you know that we've all felt that way. Every single one of us has felt unworthy. My biggest struggle in life is that I haven't felt worthy and so many people think that's shocking. Because really what you seem like. You're so have it together and you're so happy and in your life is so great. I struggled with unworthiness my whole life and so if you I feel that way do not feel alone because we all feel that way and that's just part of the human experience so don't feel weird or batter like ashamed of that because every racing one of us struggles with something on that kind of level and it's just a part of the human experience and I'm telling you just keep going for joy and keep choosing to SOC- the bright side I just interviewed my friend Miley Masan and she is an amazing person. Checkout her interview my podcast. If you haven't she's by nine lives from being a Popstar to going Italy following following love that ending and having babies in like reinventing herself for the career getting another deal at the same time. She's pregnant having to walk over the record deal she was like started off as Johnny Depp's waitress in La. She's had a crazy life but she said what does she say she said. Look look for the positive in the world I think is what she said. Choose to see the positive and choose the love every day and it just will change your life and we can change the world. I'm not quoting her correctly but it was something like that will lead with. Love is what she said. Lead with. Love lead with positivity that is profound bound lead with love lead pro positively. I catch myself all the time wanting to Kinda complain or like if something gets stressful wanting to kind of talk about the hard stuff of it and my last mom chat that I just put up was on gratitude and reframing the way I think because like sometimes on my gosh all I do is like. I'm busy busy busy all day. Like I'm Waking Sunny. Feeding sunny cleaning bottles pumping the Duma podcast inbetween stuff than have different deals deals that I deal with brands like doing different brands like inbetween her other naps. And then showing up for Michael being a good wife for him trying to show for my friends and they have stuff going on traveling home to see my family only like. It's all stuff that I want to do so might as semi saying Oh my gosh. I'm so tired and I'm so as a so hard and this is tedious and I'm not getting any sleep and I never get a break. Thank Goodness Gracious. I am blessed. I'm getting to do these things that bring me life that bring me joy I get to serve the people that I love and I also getting to fulfil my own heart's desires like yes. I'm busy but praise God like I am busy like I'm getting to do things I love. So thank you Jesus and that is how I am trying to you reframe when I feel overwhelmed is just be grateful for all the blessings I get to do. Even if it stuff that's tedious. It's like what is my goal. Why am I doing doing tedious things? What is the ultimate goal? That I'm doing this work for okay. Even if you're doing your job that you don't love like you're doing the job to get a paycheck to provide arrive alive for yourself so you can have house so you can take care of your children. That's a blessing. It's a blessing and you can always keep working towards like being more or filled with your days more fulfilled with what you're doing but for the moment if you're doing something and it is bringing you a mean sin end that provides for your life than that is something to be grateful for and it's just taking the time to reframe our thoughts and of course we're not going to do it all the time because we're humans but it's a goal all and it's a goal that I'm working on is to reframe to live and gratitude so further new year. I encourage all you guys to lead with. Love find something to be grateful for. Start a vision board. It doesn't have to be huge to dig in your heart and figure out what it is. That really is calling calling you. What is calling you to do to be to simplify? Maybe you're being called not to adding to your vision board board but take way. Maybe it's like you know what I'm not going to be. Yes person this year. I'm not going to go and do all these things. I'M NOT GONNA over exert myself off in areas that I don't need to. I'm going to say no to everything I until it's a hell. Yes maybe that's what it is a year of simplifying. Maybe you're really not loving in your career and you're like Gosh. I want a new career but I know where to start. Start by writing down. What brings you joy? I'm telling you I think you could always find a job Bob. A job can show up. That brings you joy if you keep looking for but you have to identify what it is identified jobs. That would be your dream job. Identify someone on who you know. Who's doing something that you love and go talk to them? Ask them how they do. It asks for advice. Just just start getting proactive active. On what brings you joy and I'm telling you the more focus on what brings you joy. The more joy comes in your life and help somebody share your heart. was someone one. Don't try to be perfect when someone crosses your path and you feel called to tell them nice word do something nice for them. You see someone someone who has four kids and they're single mom and they need a hand and you feel inclined to drop them off dinner do it. Mother Teresa's said never suppressive generous thought and if you feel inclined inclined to do something generous and kind for someone just do it and let's have twenty twenty the best year our lives. Let's trust that. Were moving in the right direction. Let's trust our instincts which trust.

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