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Of the Bachelor and bachelorette talking about with E. Here's some relationship advice from Chris Harrison. And if anybody would know it'd be the divorce, the divorce host of the Bachelor, But how do you approach someone who's out of your league? Let's hear what he had. I have not heard this. Let's hear what he has to say. Gold. Be honest. Go for it. Don't be afraid to approach somebody don't be afraid to walk up to the prettiest girl in the bar. Or a good looking guy, because guess what? They're probably lonely, too, And they probably just want a conversation, but no one has the guts to walk up and approach them. What's the worst thing regret? That's the worst thing does the same go? Here's a question does the same go for sliding Indians? Or making or making digital contact with someone email. I don't think it's the same. I wouldn't think so, because I feel like that's not very ballsy. I feel like walking up to somebody who really takes more. But what if you don't have the opportunity to walk up to them? Like what? If what if Yes. If you're in the same room with somebody you should walk up to them and I d on them. But like, let's say you see odd person or you become aware of a hot person on do sleight of diem. Mean awards the worst that happens first at them or No, Maybe not. I'm asking. This is hypothetical. Let's say no. Let's say I see them in another post store. Whatever I mean, so so you slide the DEA. What are you saying? Like what? Somebody's post. Yeah, like, yeah, Like, think you're really pretty. Do you wantto? Would you ever want to hang out like is that objectionable? Because the worst that happens is they don't respond, which is you're a response or they write back. I get a boyfriend or no. And then you leave it obviously. Then you leave it. There's nothing else to say. But Is it the same? Ah, I'm not. I have not done this. What I have done. I have, of course have done this, But I'm asking. You know if I'm not one for proper etiquette very often, So I would rather like if you stop being a post like you have a friend and you saw me in a post. You think I'm cute? Whatever you want to ask me out. I would rather that you go through the mutual person that we want you or would you just rather that person be direct boulder to be direct? Yeah, but like you can slide in the DMZ. I don't know if you're a creep like I would rather go through the mutual friend or foe. I doubt my status. He if they think we would be, you know that that route Kalen Paula, any votes on this? The sliding in the DMZ? I still think the worst that happens. Is that the person just ignores you. And then there's there's your response. And by the way, if they ignore you, then they go around telling people he slid, which happens all the time that that so don't slide. I don't really have friends, but they could also screen shot and Call you creep on their instagram. But that's the question of my really a creep. If I advice line your GM and say, Hey, I'm a crazy if I said to depict I'm a creep. I'm looking in your window, My creep. If I'm just like, Hey, what's up, And then you're responsible. Then nothing's up with me If there's like a picture right of a cute girl with your friend, whatever it is, what you do is don't just slide and right away. You got at her first. So like, follow her, there shall follow back. Maybe. Then let you like Couple pictures here and there. Yeah, Like like, Be friendly. B a friend First Bia instagram tell you just go to her friend, then slighted like everything is I have a theory about this. If I asked somebody out or if someone sent it around screenshot of me slide in the DMZ that I'm almost complimented by that, Because why would you do that? If you didn't think there was some cachet or some value in me doing it if you didn't care, and I'm a nobody and I slide your DMS and you're sitting around Screenshots of it Well, then, well, you wouldn't do that for just anybody. You would only do that if it's somebody who you want people to know that they asked you, which, in some ways is flattering. Even though they think they're dissing you don'thave saying. I think if you're really interested, though, like I've had I've taken pictures, You know, like group pictures with my girlfriends. They're hot, and I'll have somebody that I know that doesn't know my friends be like, Hey, What's the story with? You know that girl in your picture with a pink skirt or whatever. And you think? Oh, yeah, And if she You know, she isn't. I'll say, Well, she's married or whatever. She's dating somebody. If she is single, I'll see if she would be interested. First have the wing woman on the way down to facilitate that whole thing. And to hype you up already. Yeah, but now you're relying on somebody else to do your dirty work for you where you were when you could just be direct. And the.

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