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So saying we cancel certain people a certain kind of way we will start other people just like taking away livelihood completely. You know, he's still making money watch how they're still making money. A lot of money. So what have you experienced a Hollywood? 'cause I mean, I see your face every time. I bring it up. You're like, oh my goodness. No. Somebody said I I came. If we all just need to to start over. Title. People have done a lot of stuff. I missed the second night even though much and this is up comedians. Man. How do you navigate show business as a woman? How can you tell the difference between what someone wants to give you an opportunity generally network with you and help you out versus someone who's using as an opportunity to get right to it. They usually get right to it really worked with anybody who then let me know that they were interested or that they wanted to be something a little more. And usually people wanted to work would you do that they were going about their business. But in between people they shy people doing this. So you've gotta know who. Trying to get something out of it. This is normal for being a woman. Yeah. Normal. Yeah. That's just normal. I've never and the people I guess they've been really good like the guy who was just going to wait it out and be like buying. I'm just going to work with an and I'll see where that goes. And then maybe try some, but the most part they in the dole it, but the hard the hard part about show business, though, is then how do you turn down this person who I'm amazing? I've never had to like do stuff for you know, like I've been really been able to work off my talent. And I didn't have to do anything extra. I'm not I'm not hurting nobody show like I've been blessed enough to not have to do or even deal with because if somebody coming to Mitterrand way, I don't have to be bothered with them for whatever opportunity. They might be able to give me. I got so many other opportunities is like, I don't have to take this from you. I mean, you know. And I read you don't have to rely on and. You already built some strong relationships industry. I've been really blessed out. So I'm grateful 'cause there's a lot of. Females who who are who are in? They need those opportunities. And when I presented with them. They will you know. Deal with stuff. They don't want to deal with. So they can be on the show or just go to what do you think would need to happen? For more women to be in positions of power, though. I mean, you you have the Easter raise abor d'auvergne as you have you have some people who aren't position of power. But by and large, even as you talked about the list of people who have given you opportunities from Russell Simmons to Kevin Hart. You name it. I mean, it's all men who happen to be the gatekeepers. What would it take for that to switch a little bit? So that the power structure is so lopsided, keep working ladies. A lady right now. I mean, a lot of black girl magic on on. It's a lot of ladies don't they gotta do do, you know, you just have to keep working for what you're trying to get through. And it's happening. So I don't really see. I don't get. No worse. I just getting better. I got a topic that the ladies are man 'specially just to go to break. You're just a minute. But. I want to know, and especially you, you can empathize with this, brother. Apollo because we are too artsy hustling trying to make it happen. There's this article his has that's been going around and inspired an article about what it would take for me to be financially stable. And if he's broke whatever you call broke does that mean that a woman has to date them this article in ebony says, dear broke man, don't punish a woman for not wanting to date, you really wanted to get it didn't get on this topic. With with me, we've got to go to break. And then we got to go to news. But we're going to jump on that in a minute. It's WGN nightside..

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