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As his reputation as a possible. Psychic started to grow around the world. Peter herkus who became known as the man with the radar is and the x-ray brain began offering his services to a number of police departments throughout europe to various degrees of success in nineteen fifty six. He was contacted by american parapsychologist. Dr andrea who harrach in the early fifties who harrach served as a captain in the army medical corps. Where at some point. He developed a fascination in the potential military application of paranormal phenomena. In one thousand nine hundred fifty five after leaving the army he founded the roundtable foundation in glen cove maine in order to study the possibilities. Further after reading about peter's apparent abilities who harrach was convinced it found the perfect subject for his experiments and invited him to have his unique skills tested under laboratory conditions. Peter who had by then separated from his first wife. Beer took cup the invitation and arrived in one thousand nine hundred thirty six to begin the study in total. He would spend seven years visiting herridge at his foundation to undergo a series of unusual tests. Days would often begin with peter being strapped down into a chair and his head covered in a mesh wires and electrodes to monitor his brain function as harrach put him through his paces in one test. Dr wu harrach bombarded herkus with strobe lighting then showed him a series of envelopes in which various objects had been placed such as butterfly or safety pin and invited him to guess what was in them. According to harwich under the strobe lighting pita guessed the correct object every single time intriguingly according to heritage when know strobe lighting was used but peter was allowed to touch the envelope. His success rate was still a remarkably high eighty percent. When only allowed to look at the envelope this dropped markedly to forty percent. By then peter was tracking the attention of other well known para psychological researches most prominently dr joseph ryan who was responsible for coining the term extrasensory perception ryan. Who ran a laboratory. At the prestigious duke university was arguably the most credible scientists working in the field at the time made frequent requests to test peter himself but her costs refused his offer claiming later that he'd been offended by ryan's insistence that he sit a lie detector test.

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