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Thinking a lot about Alex raise like Carlos Martinez this time last year Carlos, and Alex. this has said consistently I'm starting pitcher and he has I mean you know better than I e s or pitches that he can throw for strikes when Alex Race on you know he is still dominating pitcher a guy that was a top prospect in baseball four years in a row. It's just a matter of whether he has the health. When he has help and he has the confidence once he gets enough repetition that he can hone his offerings and so you know we're seeing actually is coming to his own. What's going to happen in terms of you know the rotation and traits. Things that might happen in the off season but I guarantee you alex raise quilt definitely talked to Mike. Shown John was a Aachen say, hey, I'd like a chance to start next year and you know if he finishes this year strongly. When you get Jordan back and you've got Cabrera any other you know and is GonNa be back. We know now because his contract vested Guy Goes, you know it might be that that a better place might be traced to start next year. Yeah. It'd be interesting the cardinals were returned home tonight and basically they essentially go to hotel rooms we start the bubble don't we starting tonight? Yes, and it's it's interesting. You know Major League. Baseball has determined that this is the best way to keep everybody separated and ready for the postseason. But the the twists in its place cardinals possibly that other teams won't have to deal with this potential for a double header against Detroit next Monday if those games manner in terms of either qualification in the playoffs. A home syed versus Awasthi the top four seeds in the league. For. So you know it could be that even on the cardinals are in their bubble in Saint Louis, they're going to have to take their bubble to Detroit for one day before they go to wherever their first round..

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