Senator Leffler, Capitol Police, Bethany Church Road Medical Highway discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


A high around 86. Yes, it was 85 right now. 70 Media ranchers. Kirk Knowledge 95.5 Gs B 52. It's time to check the morning drive again. We have more issues. Here's Mark McKay Yeah, including a crash investigation could be out here for a while. In Centerville Highway Highway. 1 24 Grand Police working a crash investigation and Bethany Church Road Medical Highway South down, Shut down. As you approach Bethany Church Road if you'd like. Take literature Tch Road as an alternate 85 through Gwinnett County, improving still tapping the brakes, leaving Pleasant Hill Road working away to Indian trail 400 still fantastic out of coming into Sandy Springs. And no concerns at least that I could see on 5 75 75 through Cherokee Barto Cobb tripled in traffic 35.5 WSB. Coverage today. House Select subcommittee in the Corona virus crisis remote hearing an election safety 1 P.m. Today Eric Erickson will have something to say about that. At four PM A second lady Karen Pence, will visit Emery Healthcare's Veterans program today to highlight their medical troubles. For veterans and the creative things should be done about them in places like Emery want to follow up on this, too? The agency's Greg Bleustein, writing this warning US center to Kelly Leffler has asked the Capitol police the U. S Capitol police to investigate several threatening letter she sever recently sent to her home in Atlanta campaign office. Senator Leffler says that a statement to the A G C today that she received quote multiple threats against my life. For the last few days, she supported them to the Capitol police and other authorities to review Coming up on Atlanta's morning news. Clark Howard's digging deeper into these new eviction rules from the CDC, how they could benefit tenants and possibly property owners. WSB news time is 8 54. Sorry I'm late. Everyone. It's all right. He's just getting started. Are you in your closet? Yet? It's too quiet. It's place, not the roomiest getting closer with your closet these days that.

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