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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen wrestling with Jim Ross, Jim Ross and Tony schiavone with you here about another 6 and a half minutes. We're gonna try to get everybody on that has gotten through. Remember that this is you and I will be in Perry, Georgia, the razor raina 7 o'clock for national television taping. Thursday night in Augusta, Georgia at the civic center. That's an 8 O 5 television star two and a half hours of live wrestling action, 9 great matches should be I think going to be a real outstanding television program. If you fans are in the area or where you can join us in our guest, 'cause I know that tickets are still available for that event. And then we return to the newly refurbished center stage. It's gonna really be something for wrestling on Monday, September the 16th, national TV taping there. So we got some big events coming up the next few weeks, and this coming weekend the power hour. WCW and the main event all returned to their normal broadcast time on TBS. We mentioned that on WGN, Tony schiavone and Larry Z bisco will be bringing you a television title matchup stunning Steve versus Dustin Rhodes and Larry will be challenging Michael Jordan on that program to a golf showdown. He really wrote let us add also for our fans in Augusta, we will start in the building at 7 30 with something special for you that will not be on TV. So get there early. We're gonna get something special from Mountain View, Missouri. Who we have on the air? This is my uncle. Miracle. Miracle, what's up? I just want to get a couple quick comments on the question for you. I want to congratulate Bing the women. When in the United States tied. And I'd like to congratulate Dustin and be man and big Josh for one in the 6 man. Okay, well sure tell him. And I want to know on decide who to root for the clash between Rick Steiner and Bill kazmaier and iron and Larry. If we can bill should win and Scott comes back when he's done with his injury, what will Bill and Rick have to defend it or can Scott defend it with Rick? No, it'll be kazmaier and Rick Steiner, the champions, yeah. Scott Steiner would be on his own in that matter, but the thing about that miracle is that we don't know when Scott Steiner is going to be back in life must go on and Rick's got to make a living. Yeah. So he's got a wrestling. He's got a chance. I think Tony to be, you know, I know we disagree on the pick, but it's going to be that close to match. It is. Because of the ability of Steiner and of kasma, and you made up a good point that if kazmaier can keep him occupied or keep his side of the team going, Steiner can defeat one of those guys. I think the strategy here is that cast members got to create a one on one situation for Rick Steiner to operate in. If he can do that, I think he can beat anybody. Yes, and I want to. All right. When is Dustin going up for the TV title now? That's going to be challenging, standing Steve on WGN is coming Saturday, and that's on cable unless you live in Chicago course, Chicago's very own channel 9 this Saturday. I know here in Atlanta, it's on cable and it's on an 11 a.m. Eastern Time, Mirko out there where you live in Missouri. That would be 10 o'clock. Thanks for calling a.m. 7 50 WSB and let's see here. Billy, are you there? Yeah. How you doing? All right, how about you? Good, thank you. I got one question for you and one for Tony. Okay. Have to beat in the U.S. title tournament. Don't you know that? I know he defeated Steve Austin in the last match. Okay, that's good enough. All right, this one's for you, Tony. Okay. You study here in the WWF. Yeah. I was wondering what kind of champion you think brought to hit my own heart will make. I think it's going to make one of the greatest. He was a tremendous tag team champion. He works very hard, and I think it was great to see him win that title. Yeah. Yeah, Tony, went to WWF. He didn't. He gave you a very truthful fans very trick lancer, but he really wanted to go up there and train under Howard finkel. Right. Now, I learned a lot, too. Learn a lot from Howard. Okay, you can do a great job. Keep up the good work. We're going to do well, thank you for calling. We're going to have a lot of fun seriously on Thursday night too. I can tell you that. We're going to try to get them to call in here. Number three, Brian. Yeah. How you doing? You're calling from Seneca, South Carolina. What's on your mind tonight? I was wondering I heard that our hearts still pay to give what's coming to WCW for the heavyweight tournament. And I was trying to find out if that's true or not. Well, are they heading tentatively scheduled to come in to compete in the tournament, but for whatever reasons he decided not to counter WCW at this time, so I don't think that he's going to be in this term as far as I know. Tony, you know why I didn't come? No, I understand that as a matter of fact, the tournament began if I recall we were in saint Joe, Missouri at the beginning of August and we were expecting Eddie Gilbert to be there that night. He did not come that and I understand he had sent a letter by his reasons remained with Jim heard right now. I don't know. So that was a personal thing and we respect and honor his wishes, which he was here. He's a great, he's a good athlete. Yeah. What else? What else, Brian? I want to know what have happened to Jim Crockett. Whatever the gym Crockett, Jim Crockett is in living in Dallas, Texas, and it's still a consultant with the world championship wrestling. That's in swan. How are you? Fine. What's on your mind tonight? Uh, damn, I have a question for you. Okay. I go to a lot of the mattress, especially the TV typing. Yes, ma'am. All right, on August it's worth losing gainful. Why have we not seen it on baby yet? You're gonna see that on September the 7th and September the 14th on world championship wrestling Saturday nights at 6 O 5, and I appreciate you calling it my bathroom swane. Tony, thanks for being with us here tonight. Jim, thanks always good to be with you to look forward to being with you in Augusta on the 5th. It's going to be a lot of fun at Augusta, Georgia on the Thursday night. Remember fans, it starts at 8 O 5, Eastern Time. You can see it live as it happens on TBS. Don't forget this Tuesday night. We'll be in Perry, Georgia. The raves arena on Thursday as we mentioned in August at the civic center. You want to be with us in the building live, and tickets were still available. And then we'll be back at center stage on west peachtree in Atlanta

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