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Yes I will. What great actress produced Prince, Albert and Princess Caroline Dan dan Betty. Davis nab. Bette, Davis no, data's Helen Mirren not Helen Mirren. No let's go to, our, side, players. Let's go to Carol. Anne Dina. Carroll. Welcome to. The, game Thanks. For having me the, question, to, you is what great actress Produce Prince Albert and Princess Caroline Would be Princess Grace. Kelly you are correct nicely done nice. Job, back, to, our main players Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier Was, that, his name The. Answer, when. You get yeah yeah During World War Two what, year, was Paris liberated by allied. Troops Dennis Dennis. Nineteen forty four forty four is correct and you have seven point seven two four. Is the score on a typewriter keyboard what letter is next to the. Letter. R Dan dan Not, ask, Dennis On. A typewriter keyboard what letter is next to the letter r Three seconds Let's go to. Our layers note that. Is incorrect let's go to Jennifer, in. Burnsville, Jennifer, hi hi Not age in that? Is three check marks against. You Jennifer and when. You have three check marks what, do. You. Say Have a great weekend Jennifer, thank you so much Great to have you on thank. You let's go to, sue. And hilltop sue right Go. To the left or the right, or both Here's the question the question to you, once again you've got to pay attention in class and and what was. The question was to you on a? Typewriter keyboard what letter is. Next to the letter r so I will take I will take either one I will either one G., t. is in yeah I'm. Gonna take to you, I? Will take team right. You've got a point And What would you ask somebody in your t shirt For some reason when I was taking other answers did anybody else see the, letter t because I was thinking. I had said left left of the letter r And I, failed to do that so we'll we'll give sue that and I don't think, I don't think Jennifer said t Either way, we are going to take, our halfway break and the store going into, the break is, seven, for Denison northeast Minneapolis Dannon eating. Very has four points and you..

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