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I think she needed to find the right moment to bring it back to us. Maybe it's a sign that she's happy and peaceful on river road Luke Luger WTO news. Montgomery county landscaper is suing Arlington county. He claims he wasn't paid nearly a million bucks in extra construction costs. McDonald landscape says the county severely underestimated the amount of soil, concrete and excavation work at a park near the east falls church metro, the company also claims that the county didn't include traffic management during the work at Benjamin banneker park. A county spokesman says he can't comment on any pending pending litigation. Arlington already offered McDonald landscaping $272,000 to settle the dispute, but the company turned it down. The Washington Post reports, the county claims it was a lump sum contract and not based on unit pricing, like the company claims. Some good news for metro rail writers, some stations that were closed down over the summer, are we opening tomorrow with upgrades? The 5 orange line stations were closed down for fixes and improvements. Now the new Carrollton, landover, Chevrolet, dean wood, and Minnesota avenue stations are ready to open back up, with larger digital display screens, brighter LED lighting, new slip resistant tiles, and rebuild platform edges. Several bridges along that section of the orange line were also repaired during the closure, even after the station's reopened metro says some work in and around them may continue. John Aaron WTO P news. Another change for metro riders after Labor Day, the north entrance of the Silver Spring station is closing down for escalator work. Coming up on WTO a familiar name in Washington football makes its return, makes his return, but in a different position we'll hear more with Steve dresner coming up in sports, it's 6 13. If you're working in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area as a pipefitter, pipe welder or HVAC service technician, and you're interested in a better life. A better means to provide for yourself

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