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I I would be more willing to just back up the Brinks truck of picks and money for a guy like Watson that has more upside, um or unknown than than the known in a Stafford in Orion. Um Jared Golf now, you know, just a few years removed from the Super Bowl. And this is why this offseason gonna be crazy in the NFL fans. We're gonna lose our minds because it's just gonna be like what? Who went where he got traded But golf. You know you look, it is his touchdown passes and you go Okay since being picked first overall since 20 1617 he's 55 picks. Um 69 career regular season games in a couple of Pro Bowls. Problem is Tyler in the playoffs. He's not being good. So now there are rumors about golf and the Rams entertaining ideas about trading Jared Golf. Which is going to be difficult given that cap hit and the Rams are there. They're doing their part. I mean, they're making it very clear and they have been for a while that they're not that happy with your dog. They would like to move on from Jared Dogs, but you're given the market and given the quarterbacks that are kind of be available. The trade free agency, the draft I'm not so sure Team's gonna be in a rush to take that money. And you know what shocks me with that whole situation. Is Cha McVeigh. And unless the state I mean they're they're rhetoric out of it is Is pretty shocking. I mean, I don't know. Like I get it the graces genius. He's a genius like cutting that you better but maybe not like they made me E. He was embarrassed in the Super Bowl. By Bill Bala checks they couldn't move the ball. I mean, they came out and it was like they were living in their huddle. And what was the reaction to that? I I've heard that, you know, Defensive players air calling out their plays, you know, before the snap. Um that's an indictment of big data was an indictment of Jericho off You branded cooks was such an important chest piece in that offense. You lose him. Got girly move on from him. I don't know, like I'm not so sure that we should all just point the finger at the quarterback and your golf and say is terrible In the days of genius like I know that's what we're trained to think and social media. But I think we do have to kind of re frame that narrative in that argument. Wonder Okay. Maybe Chama today. Isn't that brilliant genius that we all thought he was? Because for some reason, all these players he had there either pushing them out or they're just not there anymore. And yeah, they're not. They're not the same juggernaut they once were. Tyler down our guest guys at CBS Sports Radio Karl Dixon today Tyler again creative go long tv dot com. So who got the best coaching high? Let let's let's write these coaching hires. Okay, um, in your opinion. Where where we start, We start with the Jets. Okay, they get Robert solid. And you know, he was a guy the interview for a variety of jobs. I just think the Jets culture has been bad. And even though solid might be the right guy. Is the front office going to act, right? Is the front office gonna do their part? To turn this thing around. That's a really bad situation there. I mean, you do wonder if is a coach. Any coat really going to be able to step in there and fix what's wrong? I don't I don't think so. I don't even always start. You gotta figure out what she what you got in Sam. Donald. What you're gonna do a quarterback? I mean, I kind of jumped the gun. I guess the one coach fire that I love And at first I didn't because not a lot of college coaches have made that leap and been successful. But Urban Meyer in Jacksonville, Man. I mean, That's what a situation to walk into with that with that money to spend with those picks Trevor Laurence. They've got some young talent they really do. James Robinson DJs shark. Josh, Alan and G End on the other side of the ball that they've got some pieces and CJ Anderson the corner. I feel like if a former college coat Can make the leap from, you know, controlling the program and being like a father to kids to know coaching adults. It's a weird transition that not a lot. A lot of guys can make, you know. Look at next seven in Miami, Billy Urban Meyer can do it because The situation he's inherited. It is man. I didn't ask for a better situation s. So I guess you didn't like the Dan Campbell. We're gonna but your kneecaps off and kick you in the ankles. You didn't like that. I I loved it. I loved. You know what it's one of those is like nothing else. Get yourself your water. It's just, you know, it's got punching. You need flapping your knee. It's amazing, but then Your head coach and your maybe you don't love it as much anymore, Tyler, Man Appreciate you stopping by today. Good stuff. It's gonna be a lot of fun Super Bowl next week. We'll keep an eye out on what's going on all off season and make sure you follow him. Tyler, don't appreciate you coming on, man. Thanks so much for having me anytime. Absolutely. Hey, Quick reminder..

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