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A billy cunningham the great american coming up on our will be my interview with judge leslie ghiz fees he's on available till two o'clock originally scheduled at one but she had some come up on our docket several at ford is interview about two o'clock with the matter state versus ray tensing in dismissing the case with prejudice what that means to the prosecutor's office agree or disagree emam with perspective on this and so much more including because of eggs experiences in federal court with rather the federal courts may file criminal charges against the ray tensing judge norbert nato welcome again to the bill cunningham show judge our on bond bill in a pleasure to be with you talk to me about the the federal matter first of all you spent tom us attorney as an interview by a assistant ag glassmann in the and the inquired this morning the talks about the standards and these must be a signnow by jeff sessions and by donald j trump to file criminal charges against the police officer must be done do you so what is your crystal ball tell you about them microscope ball tells me the probably agree on what own united states attorney of who got office will probably senate to washington with a recommendation that they prosecute for civil rights violation dan the ultimate decision will be made by the the justice department in in washington book session of the attorney general will have the final corner and so at this point you think that the all it why does it takes so long because it in the walmart case with beaver creek took three years it takes so long because the federal government for summary you can just move from a code rush book of the us attorney's office the justice department always seems to give us an powder at.

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