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Degrees in Boston at two o'clock that afternoon. I'm Madison Rogers. Here's what's happening. Tomorrow on Capitol Hill. House Democrats plan to act to impeach the president for inciting insurrection 10 Days until the inauguration of a new president here. CBS is Tom Hanson, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke to Leslie Stall for this Sunday's 60 minutes. Well, sadly, the person's running exactly the branch. It is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous. President of the United States. The draft article of impeachment incitement of insurrection, alleges President Trump's conduct on Wednesday gravely endangered the security of the United States. 60 minutes, will air on WBC news radio at seven this evening. One of the authors of the article of Impeachment is Rhode Island. Rep. David Sis Illini, Trump would be the first president to be impeached twice. Meantime, investigation continues into the assault that launched these proceedings Wednesday siege by pro Trump writers at the Capitol. More arrests have been made, and the FBI still doesn't know who said the pipe bombs found nearby during the violence. CBS is Katherine Harris report. Two viable 12 inch metal pipe bombs found Wednesday at the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters near the capital are described by law enforcement as taking their probe to the next level. The pipe bomb is designed to killer made Scott Sweet Chou is a former A TF and FBI explosives expert, particularly if it's made Out of metal, which is what the construction appears to be with these two devices. Ah law enforcement analysis reviewed by CBS shows both devices used mechanical timers and contained unknown powder. So far, prosecutors have filed more than a dozen cases and federal District Court and dozens more in D. C. Superior Court. 202 was a new round of stimulus checks rules out the Iris is changing tactics after many Americans accidentally tossed their checks in with the junk mail in the last round of relief, the IRA says it's mailing eight million prepaid visa debit cards loaded with a federal stimulus payment, advising people to keep an eye open for the envelopes of the funds are not directly deposited in their bank accounts. Tax agency also says it's changed the envelopes to make it more evident that they include this $600 check it fellows what happened last spring, when some discarded their prepaid debit cards loaded with the first round of stimulus money because the envelopes were not clearly marked as coming from the I. R S or Treasury Department, the latest gradually mailed in a white envelope with a label that displays the Treasury seal. That Piper CBS News on East Bridgewater Man hospitalized and without a home after a fire yesterday evening, the Fire Department says the 69 year old man suffered burns when flames engulfed his home on Chestnut Street. Thankfully, his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. The fire broke out. It were after 5 P.m. and took around an hour to put out East Bridgewater Fire chief Timoney Heart, Timothy Hardened, said the fire Are the house was determined to be a total loss. Coming up a long time. Boston police figure maybe exploring a run for mayor. It's to a three time for traffic and weather together. This is super retailers knowing when all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How's it looking out there? Hey, good afternoon. Medicine up. We have one back up on the expressway cell phone still still heavy before and after Furnace for Parkway Expressway North found no issues. Quincy, a past Mass Avenue, three. Still slow with that Union Street exit in Braintree on the South bound side. 24 95 good top to bottom. Or anyone 28 93 find beyond Braintree 2 95 clear through Needham and Newton. More 95 doing well. Middleborough up past Milford, A dump North Hopper under 1 28 North and South found no delays between Waltham and Gloucester. One looks good Chelsea to Lynnfield Roots. 3 93 95 New Hampshire roots are free and good to go to and from the state line. David's droney WBC's traffic on.

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