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Computer nerdy computer nerd gets unplugged and goes back and forth between the gnarly real earth and the fake simulation earth to fight evil robots who created this state of affairs but turns out he can kill the robots and save humanity. Because he's a greg. Is that any enemy of the state. Think so wait. Computer nerd. Gets unplugged is the matrix is the matrix. No i have another one. That's much more. If that's the matrix is not as good fights. Robots kill the robots and save humanity embarrassed. But we have. I have another matrix one How about this one. The patriarch of a criminal family wants his war hero. Sunday go legitimate. But he ends up killing a whole bunch of people including his own brother turns out he wasn't such a great guy. The godfather is a great guy. We all know freight freighters edit company would be anti freida for you. You would side with michael having to get rid of freida Alfredo how 'bout man almost does a crazy spot from the top rope of a bridge but an angel makes a surprise running. And convince convinces him that he is in fact a gir- this it's a wonderful life or but the tj wrote written the subject. It's a rate wonderful life. Tyler says a platoon leader survives d day only to be sent with an army unit to go rescue a soldier who lost all his brothers after losing men and moving through france and germany. They finally come across the soldier who doesn't want to abandon his unit because he is a loyal soldier eventually he survives and years later is at the platoon leaders grave and he finally asked his wife. Have i been a great guy. Saving private ryan saving probably hunt. That's right There so they're so many good ones here Kobe kobe says ma. Ma ma ma ma mail. Everyone tells him he's too small to succeed that he's no better than a beep player but on one magical night he beats up his boss and earns a shot at the title. He's a great guy. I thought they will go and rudy here. But his this wrestlemainia thirty That is what it feels like. It feels like wrestlemainia. Thirty a couple splits up. He takes up with another woman. Who's a bit abusive. His ex comes to his rescue when he realizes what's happened. They embrace and ride off into the sunset. She's a guy a yeah. This is the greatest story in wrestling. History told that's right twenty seven too much and miss elizabeth. He wrote great. Gal i say great guy for both sexes challenged by a literal giant. He couldn't could he he did. He slammed him turns out. He's actually not a girl at gut such. Yeah which which. I'll take a break to give us a bit of news. Go ahead mr wonderful. Paul orndorff tasks away this week. Man And as people know he was hogan's opponent along with roddy piper in the first wrestlemainia he was hogan's side and even before that Him turning on hogan was probably the biggest one of the biggest turns up to that point up until andre sided with peden as everybody can see what the over this. But if people have seen the sam evans right over your shoulder yup better doesn't it yeah But yeah mr wonderful poland off passed away this past week he That's that that era is underrated him. Coming out to real american like any wasn't doing it. Ironically at all like he decided. This is my theme song. Not your theme song. That was such a major early thing to do. And you could argue that by being named mr wonderful. He could've just been named a great guy he could have and what reminded me of that was I saw me. That was floating around. It mentioned that all of hogan's opponents six wrestlemanias all gone now passed away. And then if you if you gotta wrestlemainia nine this in yokozuna and then if you add in manages mr fuji miss elizabeth heynen. Bobby heenan So yeah rest in peace to all of them and hulk hogan is car steve. He's not a great guy. Speaking of a great guy dipper stan. You have a few minutes. Apparently dipper scene is going akaba today. One of these. You know bachelor party. Chains owe that glitters on appropriate. And it's you know it never ends in every five seconds as a ping ping ping one at the cia. Do do you commute. That you gotta mutant i know but so isolates a pops up. You still look you still see. I mean you know mute. You know you listen to jane. How many how many people in the bachelor party group do you know. Are you close. Four out of five out of how many come on scene i think even as g g who we know who we know will share will spare no opportunity to party related to his wedding events. Sixteen races anything sixteen sixty house at it is the most psychotic home that were staying in you i ever seen in my life. Oh you must be in beds. You know it's one of these big fa- kochta houses. By the way. I just realized i confirmed had sixteen. People reported i. Did you know. I didn't know where to draw the line. You have loan. You have to draw a line. And like i had you know my brother in law and i had Two cousins of course my brother. Then you have your that boom without a.

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