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How you folks doing this morning? It's good to have you on board here since your text, by the way, force Goodman, more brother. You may want to take a look at that. I don't know. I'm right here on the other side of the board from you. And you send me a tax you like my wife who will text me across living room. Well, I was in the middle of doing something in just wanted to make sure that I sent that over to you got the message for forgot. Gotcha. Okay. Or you think about those apples heaven an apple right now. Yeah. When you think about the text non exciting. But okay, what a second. None. No, no, no, not the one about an upcoming. It's not about the show. Did you not see the picture? I just read the tax, and I guess you don't read it on my second. If hanging on his people over the weekend, screw everything up in a studio. If it says it like a look at the Texas as if you need me today, I will probably be with my insurance guy. Right. That's what it says. Do not see the picture. Well, no, I didn't open it. I'm just looking at it on my screen. Okay. Yeah. Going open it right now. It's okay. It's like it's like Christmas. He's opening on live radio. We think about those apples. Holy cows at your backyard. Yes. That is my backyard. It's a lot of water. The wolf river apparently overflowed the geniuses in carterville in their design. Looks like have diverted water runs into part of our neighborhoods backyards. Yeah. And the pressure against the pool looks like 'cause my above ground pool to collapse and the rush of water. The the water was already almost up halfway up my pool. Anyway. In the backyard caused it to collapse and the burst of water took out about a fourth of one side of my fence. Oh my goodness. So I went over to my neighbor yesterday knocked on the door and said, hey, did you see last night? I didn't hear it. But you see last night looks like you get too much fence in your backyard now because their backyards completely flooded, and they have a an in ground pool screwed. Oh, goodness. Yeah. Get there baby cleans up. We'll be talking to my boy Mark Barnes this morning. Get my see if I can get my insurance to get in your house, though. Oh, no. No. No. No, no did did not. In fact, it's receding. We you know, we had to walk the dogs yesterday. Because there was enough water back there where they couldn't access good on the steps to go, right? Their business. Get little run in or something. So, but yeah. Yeah. My pool it in fact, I did not see it. I my wife did. And she woke me up and said, hey, I know you're not a big fan of the pool. Will you may finally get your wish? Oh, goodness. What do you mean? Well about four th of its gone what? Wow. But nobody was hurt with the neighbors. Everything was done. We had a little bit of a laugh about it. Just because I mean, what else are you going to do at that point? Right. Well, in that property, can I mean, it's a headache. Don't get me wrong. But it can be replaced. At least at least it wasn't in the house and ruin things or you know, affect anybody. You know, run you out of your house or something because I've seen I saw a lot of high waters and a lot of flooding. Saturday Saturday evening. We were we were up in Tipton county, and you just be riding along on the road. And all of a sudden it was good to have. It was good to have a car in front of you to kind of see what was coming up because there were some low lying areas where I mean water was pretty high where I mean, I didn't I didn't. I wasn't nervous going through it with my pickup. But like if we'd have been in my wife's Mustang. There have been no way out of gone through some of that water just way too too low. So that night by the time it got dark on our way back home to Bartlett. I know it was a little longer. I just took fifty one south and hit three eighty five and cut over to to to get home because I just riding home. Maybe not familiar with the road at night with this area tends to have some low lying water. You didn't wanna hit it going sixty miles an hour that can be fun. It gave me a new appreciation to check the hourly. Flood. Yeah. The the the the level stages. I got up this morning and went out onto my deck. And now it's too where at least on one side, my dogs can go out and do their business. But once you got to get the fence fixed pretty quickly because if I don't think they can get into the neighbor's yard in the next couple of days deck wasn't hurt or taken out in that on. No shares face of it. I know it's hard through the glare over there. I think Cher. He's taken aback by seeing there. It's crazy but yesterday middle money yesterday at two o'clock three thirty had some guided fishing expeditions got people on the way out in the backyard. And and we got that done. But for you look right over here. That's where the catfish bed. You know? It was so deep that the news stations could not have done a live shot out there because it was legitimately high water right out there in the waiters and told everybody I'm out here in my waiters, you know, risking life and limp, actually, it was pretty high. They could have stood in your front yard sit in the backyard of this home is high water. He exactly, but the my shed back there where keeping along more. So I'd move my lawnmower out. A few days prior just play it safe, which was good. A sandbagged about two feet high in there. So hopefully, not too swamped in there. But for those you the dealt with the rain looks like we got a break for a few day bready.

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