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Are better. German teams are better than us. Okay. Okay. I mean, first of all, I don't like the sarcasm. I don't like the fact that he's putting himself out there as I'm smarter than everybody else sort of thing. And the self deprecating kind of comments because the journalists are doing a job, right? They're asking a question, please answer the question, right? This whole idea, well, I'm going to maybe next time I'll just play with 9 strikers and we'll be up and down and what are we getting from this? Do we give them a pass because if path Guardiola? Because if it were moving or saying these things would be going crazy. It is disrespectful to the profession of the people that are asking a legitimate question. It is a legitimate question to ask, why did you not use? And you give whatever answer you want to give, I suppose so. But it is a legitimate question. Certainly when the other team has made substitutions and they have changed the game. And they've impacted the game. So as a manager, what is the thought process as to why you're not making your substitution? I don't know why that question would generate such a reaction for background. And the sort of attitude that he displayed in answering this question. Luis, you've got your coaching badges. What would your approach be to a question like this? I will be my straight answer. I don't do the changes because today I didn't see that aim was needed. I thought that the players that they were playing, they were doing a great job. I think that the transition of lepsy was just a good that I didn't want to use, I don't know, but for the scales and some other players and that's why I didn't do it. I understand what I say, but I think that sometimes paved the way that I see it that is frustrated, but even though they say that the play is because he's sending the message to the player to play that good job and he's what they had to do and everything. He also is frustrated because he didn't like the way that the team played. And his frustration comes out with that with that answer to the so at the end he's trying to bring that frustration towards the journalist instead told what they play. So his play is so I think he is a way of himself and try to release a little bit of the pressure. Nathan, what's your actual thinking then on the lack of subs used by Pep Guardiola in this game? I think I would have liked to have seen Phil Foden play, but

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