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When she was seen john moore was thirty four years old they openly huarte openly dated each other in the spring of nineteen eighty 81 this was also is not cited make any claims of sexual conduct in fact she characterized more is being romantic reading poetry to her and playing har can you see like roy moore's in uh in but it like a different a cupit outfit and his cowboy hat and he sterling strumming a guitar reading oh tree is the picture washington bust pain here she saw the asia to goes on to say that um i lost my spot cited that that there was a will conduct only involved kissing in progress any further so it's eighteen year old i'm sorry seventeen this one seventeen roy more openly dating her and he's being super romantic in play entered music you're marinir poetry and they didn't allow making out just making out noble kgb a third woman claims that when she was working at a local mall s santa's helper when she was fourteen more approached her she claims he asked her to go on dates when she was sixteen but that her mother would uh put the most serious allegation is girl that was fourteen said more made acts with her according to the post she first encountered more outside it at added what county courtroom in february of nineteen seventy nine when she was fourteen years old so you mean to tell us morris picking up girl's 14yearold girls outside of the eta while county courthouse in public for everybody to see uh uh uh and we're does now finding out about it i'm gonna tell you the other side of this girl's allegation when we come back it's even more shocking than the rest of them bottom of.

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