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Air Force hockey coming up this evening see how they bounce back from that loss to see see that sweep at the hands of Colorado College it's really tight in the end it when a cocky they got a chance certainly to move up the standings quite a bit with only a couple weeks left in the season so should be a good one coming up at six thirty yeah I texted definitely not as big as the miracle on ice but the eight men's swim swimming four by one hundred meter relay at the Olympics getting fell of Phelps a gold he wasn't supposed to win as a swimmer that will that finish will stick with me forever yeah just those kind of that's why I can't wait for the Olympics because it just it provides they're not sports that we're gonna follow most any other time but they just provide I mean look they could I just watched a documentary about foosball I kid you not the director of said the documentaries can join me next week on the show thank you letter of play foosball tiddlywinks and jump rope and it would be completely enthralling I mean I I'll be glued to my TV set and that's that's just the type of things that the Olympics the motion and everything that the Olympics can provide that of other sporting entities can't but that was a good team as well we'll.

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