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And the only thing I can think of the only thing I can think of is that on those nights in which either his shot isn't falling or he is not as engaged as you elect him to be authencity that he gobbles up some minutes from Brandon Ingram when Braun is back because coups coups is established. He's gonna get his twenty shots at night. He's established. He's to ofensive number two. When Broncos back clearly, Brian is going to be Braun. So now, you're asking yourself. Ok well who else is getting those shots. There are nights in which Brennan anger is not as aggressive. So. On those nights. You can slide in bees or you can bring Carmelo Anthony. Yeah. But but but with even with that. K SPN, Los Angeles mckay's to listen because even with that just because Carmelo Anthony may be more offensively aggressive doesn't mean he's going to be hitting the buckets because if you haven a buck is he wouldn't have been on the man for he has been Brandon Ingram is a better player right now in corporate. Absolutely not. But he doesn't always go after the way he should do you want to go after it the way he should in miss or do you make it do you all Carmelo to go after the way he knows how to in not do anything at all and reliability even ability on both ends for you. Yeah. But that doesn't mean that he's gonna get a big chunk in a minute. What does it? But hold on. Hold on. I think you gave him to me for free. I don't want. I think we're getting a little bit off the Mark here these they're not going to bring him in to play. Instead of Brandon Ingram what they would be doing. If in fact, this was even a one in one hundred shot the bring him into replace somebody like, Michael Beasley. You're not talking about him. We're talking about. That role. He's not fill. Brandon Ingram say filled his role. I'm saying on those nights. It gives you warmer option to see what you can see because Carmelo even though it didn't work out in Houston. If you go back and look at the time that he was there. There were nice. He's still got an in. They didn't win those games. And so they had to adjust a roster. But there were still plenty of nights in which he shot the ball will. And he got it in and on those nights. You know, like we saw in Houston overtime gain. Are Brandon Ingram showed up in overtime for us? But for three quarters, you know, it was like coup, and it was nowhere to be found on those particular nights. You throw in a little Camilla just to see what he got. If he got some you roll with it. And if he doesn't you send them back down low Kudo, I like mellow mellow good with me and everything. But as far as trying to get some continuity with the young of basketball that that that books I'm just trying to get some rationale as to why they were even bought a kicking the tires. And that's and that's the only thing I can see as you go. To turn over every single rock. No matter what to to what is building a team. And you look at a deuce of doesn't mean that we go after may take a look at this has been turned over by every team in the league that Carmelo Anthony the rockets decided to stop using him what after a couple of weeks into the season, maybe less. It's look it's a criticism of it. We're at the end of the line. We're not I don't really care about that. The holy turn it back onto Marcus cousin. The now we're complaining because he's with Golden State Warriors. You don't say sometimes the leak and miss it to really smart people passed on coups for twenty plus twenty plus picks yet, but a young guy quick with lots of opportunity ahead of him is different than an old guy. Who's in the graph is already tips. But they didn't miss..

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