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Salary for the other seven movies he's made with marble scarlett johansson marbles top women's superhero reportedly earned far less than downy for adventure stage of altron but made as much or more than her other male co stars it's worth noting that you're hanson's character black widow has appeared six marvel movies but never start thirteen that's how many more movies marvel has slated through twenty twenty two despite the fact that this weekend so vendors movie is being billed as the beginning of the slate includes marvel's first movies with women and the title roles after a decade of mostly white dudes the fight for equality continues not to mention the fight against theater seat numbness finicky war is right earlier in the show we brought you stories from puerto rico now very different set of housing and education challenges ones that come with wealth oil wealth specifically marketplaces and euler spent a week in west texas in the heart of the permian basin where oil production has tripled in the past five years and prices are inching towards seventy dollars a barrel andy thanks for joining us so tell me what is weighing on the minds of people in oil country particularly as prices are headed way back up midland odessa metro area which is where basically the bulk of the oil production in the premium basin happens it's consistently ranked among the highest median income areas in the whole country it's crazy it's like one city in connecticut and then this west texas permian basin area is sitting in about sixty five seventy thousand dollars per household in unemployment's the fifth lowest in the us they say if you want a job you can get one here if you can if you can do the work but when so many people kind of come to to this area to work homebuilders can't build fast enough so the rental prices skyrocket i met a guy who said he's three thousand square foot house that he bought a few years ago and israel's our buddy said he could it out for forty five hundred dollars a month so he's literally thinking about.

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