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And for ice to the concentration camps of **** Germany is your Jersey one one point five as traffic some of the ladies on the eastbound side of I eighty in Parsippany it is all because of construction emergency construction stemming from an earlier accident so we got the eastbound express lane shot right around two eighty seven and diversion over to the local lanes right around exit forty five so that is kind of a mess on the spend eighty between a two eighty seven and the two eighty split you might want to hop on forty six to get around that meanwhile if you're traveling on the turnpike you've got a decent ride a west bound three the ones he caucus that is loaded up in four Paterson plank road that's construction eastbound Newark bay extension of the turnpike is slow across the Newark bay bridge because you're down to just one lane due to construction and very very heavy on the northbound parkway between one fourteen a one sixteen in the outer roadway that of course is road work as well you've also got some south and work at the Raritan tolls which is slowing you down coming off the southbound Driskell bridge and northbound eighteen in old bridge busy in the ferry road because of road work west on one ninety five delays from upper freehold in toward the turn pike that's construction to forty two freeway getting very slow northbound Blackwood Clementon road looks like we have some construction in the south bound turn pike is heavy to the Delaware Memorial Bridge from exit one because the left lane is closed cross in the house and the George Washington bridge leaving New Jersey up stairs you've got a couple of lanes closing for road work better to take it downstairs if you're in a car over at the Lincoln tunnel in the Holland tunnel not in bad shape now looks like they're closing the cupboard roadway to the Holland tunnel so one and nine is going to pick up some delays use the turnpike approach this poor sponsored by unbound dot org a girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an older in quantum to being part of the community we try to change their world and it will change your own unbound dot org traffic every fifteen minutes next reported ten oh three on New Jersey one a one point five one point five answer whether heating up this week maybe some mid week storms we'll see a few clouds around.

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