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Good morning boomer. Happy Friday how are you good Morning Jail? You happy Friday the YOU AL and Jerry and everybody out there and you know we do have a villain no. I don't. I don't care what you say. The Major League Baseball Players Association versus Major League Baseball Owners and that villain is probably the right guy to be the villain. He should be the one that should be talking because of the amount of players that he represents the things that he says the things that he brings to the table on behalf of the players case and that is Scott. Boras so I know fans out. There aren't big fans of agents and I get it Scott. Boris is a guy likes to poach clients from other people. Much like drew. Rosenhaus does that in the NFL but he makes a lot of salient points financially. He obviously has a lotto lose here because he does get a portion of the players contracts. I know that guys like Trevor Power. Want him out of the mix but if I were Trevor Bauer. I were a player and I wanted somebody to advocate for me. I would want it to be somebody like Boris. Who doesn't really give a crap what you me or anybody else thinks about him. All he cares about is whether or not the players are getting their fair share and whether or not the players are going to be protected so he is now our villain he is the guy that is going to be the face of the players and he is the guy that's going to lay out an argument for the fans so the fans understand where the players are coming from. However saying all of that you know we as fans and we as a talk show host can read all the arguments we can see all the situations going on out there. We UNDERSTAND THAT MINOR. Leaguers are starting to get released pretty regularly all across the minor league system right now that there will most likely the. I don't see how they can have any minor league baseball this year. Which is GONNA kill hundreds of cities across this country because of the argument and the arguments that are going on at the top of the food chain. So this thing right now is is toxic it is. It's a hot mess. I still think that the owners hold out longer than the players and I also think that the players losing year of salary is something that they'll never get back so and that's and that's the thing that ultimately I do believe that the players will end up pointing in some way shape or form and then both sides will spin it so the players don't look so bad if they wanNA play. If they play the players will end up probably getting a little bit more money back not much more money than what's being offered right now and unfortunately now you have to think about how this really does sour. The new CBA that they will be getting ready to negotiate starting next year you know they have. I guess they had started some preliminary talks but all that stuff has been shelved. Because they're trying to go through everything now and trying to figure out how much the players are going to give up. I mean essentially. They've got to agree on to C. B. As in two separate years they've got to agree on this the rest of this season and how it goes and they got agree on a new one going forward in the future and there's no doubt that right now these two sides are just they don't like one another. I mean it's it's become personal and it's become personal within current players. It's also become personal with four players in current players publicly is. We're seeing that now on twitter. Every single faction has been fighting one another on social media and a lot of it has to do with Trevor Bauer as Trevor Bauer Tile Loesch. Who a former retire retired pitcher go back and forth and then that even became personal as Kyle. Loesch was saying that all the reasons that you don't like Scott. Boris because your agent who you date is someone who doesn't like him or whatever it's just it's just insanity it's insanity how angry people have gotten with this and I understand why but it just plays out publicly. We are all consuming this every single day even got an okay boomer from Trevor Bauer to Kyle Loesch. Because Kyle lohse said US retired players are looking at you guys and worrying that you're going to ruin everything that we built. I mean that's what it has gotten come down to here with the player in player infighting and even retired player and current player fighting. Hey Mark Shera was was hammered. A couple of weeks ago and he came out and said what he said now he is kind of moved off a little bit of that stance kind of talking about. He doesn't want the owners to break the Union and all that other stuff. 'cause I don't know if he was listening to us. Or because we were talking about dividing and conquering. And that's exactly what the owners are trying to do. Here take the lesser known players. The lower paid players. Make them more whole as compared to the Mike. Trout's and the Bryce Harper's of the world so that's part of the negotiating ploy for sure but the one thing I will say and and again I go back to what I was talking about when I was an NFL PA Rep. It's kind of like the opposite. What's happening here? The owners back in one thousand nine hundred seventy one to the higher profile players suppliers that we're making a little bit more money not a lot of money because remember. There's only a couple of US making over a million dollars in nineteen eighty-seven per year per season and a couple of those guys ended up going back in crossing the picket line and it really was hard to keep your team together and make them believe that staying out was going to have a profound effect on US moving forward. I think it has. I think it took a while for us to get there and I still think that there's more room to grow for the NFL PA but at the end of the day when you have players fighting with each other and in our case we had players crossing the picket line and names like Montana and Lawrence. Taylor you know you have your lower end guys. They're going back to get their money and they're making more money than I am. And what the Hell am I doing sitting here trying to make it better for everybody one? You know in fact I see. I can't do that. So the the owners here are trying to do at the other way. They're trying to tell the rank and file much like the NFL owners have come to learn. Tell the rank and file. This is what you're going to get. Most of the rank and file players aren't even engaged in any of these contract negotiations or even understand what the hell is going to happen to them in the future when they finally do decide to retire. But but I think Major League Baseball Players Association is always been the strongest always remained the strongest and I think advocate right now for them. Anyway is is Scott bores. Dan Make a very very good points. Yeah that's right now. If Scott bores is going to be the advocate for the players throughout this then a deal will not get done. I need to know who that voices for the players. That's not the extreme because Scott. Boris is the extreme Scott. Boris we're are not going to take a penny less than that other agreement. He's been like that entire career and that's why it's turned a lot of people off but that's why the best players highest paid players flocked to him because he knows or they know that he's going to get every sent out of that contract and he's going to do that W- by any means necessary but is there another person of influence that a majority of the players will listen to that? Maybe aren't those top Scott. Boras clients that will say we have to play. This may do irreparable damage to our reputations..

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