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Everybody at a welcome to another episode of the what's good gains podcast, your source for news commentary analysis. And of course, the buddy stuff the reason you come back week after week. I'm Andrea Rene joined by miss Christine Steiner. Hello, and is pretty Prabhakar's. Also here. There was a dramatic. Pause was lace at high. Oh. Lag. It could be it might have just been leg. That's real talk show. We maybe I was going for dramatic effects because this is our last regular show of the year. Ladies, oh my goodness. Isn't that crazy? Eighty four episode eighty four so welcome everybody. Whether this is your first episode or you're eighty four episode. We're so glad that you're here. I was going through some files on our studio. P C looking at our archive files away. And it blew my mind. Just how many gigabytes of video exists of what's could gain. We have a whole drive just of us just of our vice even yes, it was a lot. We've been doing this show for a while. Now, it sometimes as lost on me that we've been going for eighty four weeks that yet wild never missed an episode though. That's right, right. We pride ourselves on that never Shangli. We've very special episode coming for you guys next week. Of course, the what's good games awards are back who will win horsey of the year who will win best huseband. Oh, well, you're going to have to next Friday and find out speaking of next Friday. I've got a very special long-awaited announcement everybody. That's right bet. Dead returns. Do. Do you have like your Honey set aside.

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