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The black dahlia murder regardless date elizabeth more seriously the most active living with her in a man named bill robinson from october tenth nineteen forty six to october twenty second supposedly elizabeth stay on the sofa walmart dallas robison shared a room this may have been said just to keep up nineteen forties appearances margot and again who's engaged when she got murdered maybe didn't wanna study upset is fiance regardless dallas had left the medical corps the navy diagnosed with a fifty percent mental deficiency psychiatric problems mickey margot's even more suspicious he didn't initially come forward is knowing elizabeth's at all also tried to deny living with her did he do it he had the medical training was he jealous about someone determine she dated did he suffered from some extreme form of ptsd you just snap by the end of the decade marvin guys would move back home to chicago father a son find work any auto supply industry is a stock man and never be a suspect and another violent crime is far as i know as as lisa as recent as two thousand twelve he was still alive in chicago now for a stronger suspect mark hanson and original suspect remains on the current suspect list of most likely killers were a lot researchers it with his address book it was found among the article center the biltmore on february seventeenth hansen on multiple nightclubs in hollywood again including me florentine garden nightclub located in front of that boardinghouse hasn't also owned that elisabeth stayed out shortly before her murder one of two places he listed as her last known address after building up his name and business mark created hanson theaters incorporate which eventually got acquired by paramount nineteen twenty six he was put on the board of directors at paramount became very wealthy when the great depression hit has decided to expand his business ventures to include office space in car dealerships he eventually became the president's another theater chain and the co owner of again florentine gardens suspicion of hanson's guilt obviously began with his address book being found amongst their possessions were sent and police he claim she had stolen is addressed book from him hanson also linked three other original suspects who were all medical doctors doctor patrick o'reilly doctors schwartz doctor arthur mcginnis fought an toast friend of elizabeth miss testified at hanson would try to quote get what the ladies and when they refused him he would kick them out of his boardinghouse hanson later denied accusations of course but toasted elizabeth had definitely denied advances firm hanson is also believed elizabeth with hadn't left florentine gardens by choice but she'd been kicked out by hanson has it also has a history of being a womanizer also he definitely had a history of being womanizer a there is photos of him a with the short you taking photos of her or there's photos you know found in his in his house after the murder during the fall of nineteen forty nine dancer who looks very similar to elizabeth also disappeared in the florentine gardens providing further speculation of the connection between hanson and shorts death hanson's fingerprinted not match those there on the letter sent the police but the case got a little crazy when in nineteen forty eight a man named leslie dylan who will discuss next wrote a letter to the lapd psychologist paul they've they river with specific details about the murder including his confession and he implicated hanson he claimed he carried out the murder on hanson's be half one hands and became a person of interest lapd kept close surveillance on him they tapped his phone followed his movements eventually searched his home but police never got enough evidence to charge him or maybe they did maybe he bottom off again big problems this case was widespread lapd corruption maybe the lapd did have airtight evidence on hanson and they destroyed it because of bribery because it might incriminate some of them accountable keller remember lapd gangster squad believes handsome was the killer killer said hanson had elaborate parties is hollywood boarding house and members of the lapd along with chief of detectives dad brown and his brother finished brown attended these parties he thinks detective later held hands and cover it up hands and also owned a ford lincoln mercury car lot on hollywood boulevard in his lapd friends were later coincidentally seen driving around town.

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