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Bowie. We'll be right 82 outside the WTOP studios in Friendship Heights. 940 money news news at 10 and 40 past the hour brought to you by PenFed. Great rates for everyone. There are lots of sports betting apps. Las Vegas -based Wynn Resort says there's too many of them. It is shutting down its Wynn Bette sports wagering app in almost all markets including Virginia. Apple is expected to unveil an updated Apple Watch next month. New features reportedly include a blood pressure monitor. The first Apple Watch came out 10 years ago. That's why it is calling the 10th anniversary watch the Apple Watch X. Travel site far and wide's new list of the 100 best small towns in the US. Those are the population of under 10 ,000, includes two in Virginia. Luray, Virginia ranks number 71 for its outdoor recreation. Lexington, Virginia's number 91 ranked as a top choice for Civil War history buff travelers. Early on in the trading day, a quiet start. The Dow is down 25. The S &P 500 down Own just for the Nasdaq's down 16. Jeff Clabel, WTOB News. OK Jeff, a Maryland mom is out to change the world from the bottom up. We're talking about baby bottoms. Unique Jones Gibson remembers the day she decided to create potty training underwear for her 3 year old daughter. was sleeping She in training pants and the one that I pulled out the package was of Cinderella. I just thought what a great opportunity. Like her, she developed big ups. Shea butter infused underwear decorated with characters of color. I just thought what a great opportunity to really appreciate the differences of one another. Online sales a launched few months ago with some designs featuring positive affirmations allowing parents to start healthy conversations. I am kind. I am brilliant. I think this is a great opportunity to introduce that line of thinking. Gigi Barnett, WTOP news. It's become a tradition for movie fans and social justice advocates. The 7th annual DC Black Film Festival returns to Barracks Row in Southeast. These are films that are seriously gonna make laugh, you make you cry, maybe even throw popcorn in the theater. Founder Kevin Sampson invites you to watch Lab a Rat, groundbreaking interactive film. The audience is gonna participate in real time. You're gonna M this QR code. Choose your own adventure. You'll also see gaining ground the fight for black land. A few decades after the end of enslavement, black Americans were able to mass millions of acres of farmland. But today, approximately 90 % of that land is no longer in black hands. The DC Black Film Fest runs Friday and Saturday at the Miracle Theater. Jason Fraley, WTOP News. Coming up on WTOP, Facebook might owe you some money. For real. $9 .30, pardon me, $9 .43. Your home or business is a reflection of you. Now if you're looking to take it from middling to sizzling, you need the help of your local CertaPro painters and the power of pro. That's CertaPro's power of listening to your needs and delivering a customized project plan and the power of doing the job right on time and within your

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