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World Report National University rankings have northwestern the top ten tied with Johns Hopkins for tenth just behind Michael's Penn Quakers, but ahead of Dartmouth twelve. Brown fourteen and a Cornell sixteenth the full top tennis, Princeton Harvard and then a tie Columbia MIT. You of Chicago Yale than Stanford and tie, Duke and pen that's unacceptable and solicits Heuer's can be down the list of ways at number twenty to eat it. Chris Redman finally tonight's Don lemon had Chris Eliza. And Ryan Liz on the same show inside by side frames? They aren't Clark Kenton superman. They are actually two different people from but junior. So you're thinking about selling weed in DC, do you know that our own shared from DC is the nation's leading expert on the business of marijuana. Or is they prefer to call it cannabis. I didn't know that. He's a professor he speaks on local radio about this all the time. He's a professor of weed. I think so does at least the we'd chair. That's fantastic. Mike, Flannery, Roanoke, Virginia my David Aldridge moment while strolling through the Twitter today. I noticed a comment on someone's post from Mikey from Burke, Virginia, I exclaimed paying. No that guy. He's the guy. That's always a jerk mistletoe. No, he's not he just he just takes me down in a very short way. Hi bar. I'm yes, I'm meeting. We started following. I realized no he's jerked everybody. I'll bet he's really good. Michael deans? Really funny. Yes. He is Dave Wales Madison Alabama during Monday show. Michael mentioned the nasal flu vaccine is an option. I thought this sounded like a good idea. However after checking alone there are three will requirements for being eligible to take the flu spray one between the ages of two and forty nine. I'm done to good health three not be pregnant. I know you meet at least one of those requirements. I'd suggest consulting twenty three and me for confirmation the other since your doctor. Maybe you could explain what metamorphosis happens the body age fifty that would preclude getting missed it. I'll hang up and listen, I'm Dr humane letters. I'm not a medical doctor. And of course, I have no idea if you out anybody tied everyone has always do wear white. Eight. Dust. Stop. Staff sgt. Nice to near. Niece. Please. This dense. Zain show. Signs. Awesome. Shos to see. Thought she half. So. That is. Estes. Makes me. Well. Say. Two side. Noli me. PC's? Instead of. Dirty dogs campus fest. I see what you say. Wackily?

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