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She felt she said personally and professionally bankrupt keep on her life who had been trading her like a star just a few months before suddenly disappeared with gina draft she and francois decided to mary and had her attempt to appease the place she came from and its values they decided to do it and marshall town but unlike the typical hometown girl gene seated the wedding arrangements to her longhaired french husband to be who took charge of everything from flower arrangements to insisting that caviar be served as part of the wedding meal he even flew in a borrowed private plane to chicago to pick up champagne this type of flourish did not exactly endear him to genes iowa family francois and gene honeymoon didn't santra pay where they joined the social swirl of france was friend roger vedeno half french half russian vedeno had grown up in occupied paris and rule france when his family moved amid war to a farmhouse near the alps teenage vedeno helped jews crossed the border at sixteen he had lost his virginity in a barn and when the earth started moving vet deem assumed that was just what sex was later he realized that on that june evening allied troops were landing on the nearby shores of normandy these types of stories were typical of fifty typical of the epic life he led an typical of his tendency to elevate everything that happened to him to the realm of myth after the war vedeno him had worked as a photojournalist and then in 1950 22yearold deem amid a 15yearold dancer named brigitte bardot they married the day she turned eighteen at which point the deemed began plotting to bottle his new wife sexual appeal and sell it to horn eased slightly older married men like himself after distributing sexy photos of bardot which helped her get cast in a number of films vedemosti wrote what he designed as the ultimate vehicle for his wife's sexual persona a santro pace set sexual ron's allay starring bardot as a woman who's sexuality spreads like wildfire through three men.

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