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Was so so is she was the daughter of former former slave. how did this woman so mutt. She was just wise. It's wisdom itself the mile. What was it that finally broke. Your son hunts. it was poetry really. There was a woman in our town. A black lady who took me to the black school. She knew allen going to tell but she said. I want you to read every book in this library. Sharon heavy book. I didn't know what i'm was reading. Most of the time. But i read am. I found a loved pointy act could almost hear it and I would write it down and family. One day i was about twelve and she invited me to her house and she to read to me and she said you know something. My you don't have to so. I had a little tab at my grandmother had given me i wrote. Yes ma'am tied to give her the tablet. She's a nano. you don't have put you never love it and did you speak it. feel come across. You had tom over your lips. you'll never love poetry. I ran from her. I ran out of her house. She followed me. She harassed me for months and family. I went under the house monday. My grandmother's stood which was built on stilts and the dirt on the stove. A soft like powder because of chickens them under the house with bailey. And i realized i had left my voice malvo. His head matt left me. Ms started speaking. Admit slowly. i. I didn't just trusted at at thirteen louis. Sent back to grandma took took us back to to california because bailey was by that time fifteen and my grandmother was afraid that a fifteen year old teenage boy growing up in the south. If you'd looked at a white girl and whistled he can be minced and they emptied so she took us back and slowly slowly. I learned to talk again and learn to trust my mother at. I couldn't stand her she. She laughed all the times. You were ripped real red lipstick and high heel shoes and she did the time step and danced in kitchen and danced in the living room and had records players all the time. But you know there was one really significant moment when your mother so are you she said maya marguerite might baby. Hasn't she kissed. You have been called anybody's baby and never have been called. Amy is daughter and she told me she's able to smile to me. And i couldn't and she made faces. She would have fingers in about and polluted. Lips of cross and crosser is family. I did laugh. I laughed at her and she started to cry. She suggested beautiful smile. Mother's baby has beautiful smile and she went around the house telling people you should see my baby. Snide now vivian. Baxter ran ambling business and a rooming house with her husband. Dead it caught dell was also a registered nurse. She came the first black woman officer in the merchant marines. So you had to have understood her power you choose to address your mother as lady and now mom come well. She didn't seem like a mother to me. Mother was my grandmother and mother spoke softly and mother's gentle. I thought I'm vivian baxter. Ms so pretty so quicken and she. She sang songs. And and i mean ralph blues. You know him some lyrics that even made me blush at thirteen and fourteen but she sang these songs and and and dance and bailey would laugh. But i didn't think it was funny. I didn't think mother should do that. So she said she said to me after i wouldn't call her mother she you kind of have to address me as something. What would you like to call me. Am i said lady and lady. She asked why so. Because you're very pretty. You don't look like a mother and she's at all right. Eventually you did begin calling her mom instrument. That must have meant that she had some. How one shoe on me over ever shown me over. Dan she was kind. She was kind to everybody. The poor the person the she laws and she never laughed at people at at their infirmities. See when the person was in her in her presence. She was kind when the person left. She didn't then make have face into account of scown and laugh. She really felt sympathy and empathy for people. How about your brother bailey. Handed he see your mother. How did he experience being back at home. With her not positively he loved it so he i think he was in love with her and he just couldn't stand that she was loved by my stepfather and also he was jealous and out the other men wanted her as they may have but he was jealous and before my brother had lee stayed in arkansas band brotherhood of probably gone to the how university out fisk and become a lawyer. We went to to california and the time and the time he was nineteen or even in drugs and no one could do anything about it. No oh my. How long did that go on well. Almost on his life he fought An iphone jobs with him. I used to go to show Houses where they sold drugs. Shoot up houses. And just go in. And say i'm here for my brother. I'm here to get my brother. And all the judges understood and get bail and take him outside and sometimes meets..

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