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Producer the top stories we are following for you today early Sunday air strikes and Kyiv by Russia took aim at western military supplies for Ukraine's government Russia says it destroyed tanks donated from abroad a claim denied by Ukrainian official Life has started to feel almost normal in Ukraine's capital the thick black plumes of smoke rising over Kyiv as it awoke this morning were a stark reminder this is a city still at war The mayor vitali Klitschko said the explosions had taken place just to the east of the center in the danit and districts That's BBC News Ukraine correspondent Joe inwood from Kyiv Russia's president meantime warned that any western deliveries of long-range rocket systems to Ukraine would prompt Moscow to hit quote objects that we have instructed yet The cryptic threat comes days after the U.S. announced plans to deliver $700 million of security assistance for Ukraine Russia is keeping up its blockade of Ukraine's black seaports hampering them from exporting grain exports to countries that really need them World leaders say of Russia keeps up this blockade warned the grain shortages could turn into catastrophe The shortages themselves are becoming more dire especially in the places that really rely on Ukraine and that's Egypt that Sudan that's most of the Horn of Africa as well as West Africa and parts of South Asia Meredith Wilson of emergent risk international says the plan to export grain by rail from Ukraine to Western Europe isn't working The real ways themselves aren't compatible Wilson says this blockade affects the U.S. Food prices themselves are going to stay where they are They're not going down anytime soon Not only the agriculture issue but also the continued rise in oil prices So the inflation is just across the board but taking all that grain off the market has made it that much worse Liz Anderson WTO news Parents who have been struggling to find baby formula may start to see some of it on the store shelves in a few weeks after the biggest maker of the formula reopened one of his plans More now from CBS News correspondent Wendy Gillette The nation's largest producer of baby formula Abbott nutrition's plant and Sturgis Michigan is operating once again The factory was closed down for four months following a recall After four babies who drank formula from the plant developed bacterial infections two of them died The reopening came under new restrictions set by the FDA an agency under investigation for its handling of the lead up to the plant closure and recall Almost 74% of shelves are empty of baby.

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